Newt Gingrich: Republicans Should Work With Pelosi

by Dave Blount | January 22, 2010 12:32 pm

Now that Republicans are making a stunning comeback by riding a wave of public revulsion against the Democrats’ statist agenda, it’s the perfect time to toss principles overboard and revert to the Democrat-Lite Party that disgraced itself by massively expanding the government under Bush. At least, that’s what Newt Gingrich seems to think[1]:

Gingrich sees the Massachusetts [Miracle] as a boost for his party, but also as a renunciation of go-it-alone by either party, and thinks Republicans would be “clever” to pass a series of relatively non-controversial measures with “huge bipartisan majorities.”

That said, he thinks many Republicans disdain Pelosi so much they simply won’t go along with anything with the speaker’s name on it, even if it serves the party’s larger interests.

“If you are a House member in the [GOP] caucus, I suspect we are about to have a huge argument. We could get clever and work with her… And I think people should work with her… But at that point it becomes a huge problem because nobody trusts her, they distrust her ideology and distrust her because she has run over them so hard…”

Right you are, Newt: no one in his right mind trusts Pelousy — or you either.

Here again[2] we see Newt and Nasty cuddling on the couch as they proclaim their eager participation in the global warming hoax, which is intended to destroy our liberties and our standard of living:

Newt — who backed the appallingly left-wing RINO Dede Scozzafava[3] — once again is said to be considering a presidential run. Let’s hope he thinks better of it. The only thing that could defuse a massive backlash against the statists currently trashing our country would be the GOP coming back into power under the leadership of more statists.

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