NRCC Learned Nothing – They’re Blowing Off Renee Ellmers

They seem about as clueless over what happened on Tuesday as Obama

Even before it’s certain that Renee Ellmers will go to Washington as the new congresswoman from North Carolina’s 2nd District, she is showing a vigorous streak of independence from her party’s establishment.

Ellmers, whom the tea party backs, and Carter Wrenn, a political consultant to her campaign, are sniping at the National Republican Congressional Committee for not supporting her campaign and for refusing to lend aid for a looming vote recount. Ellmers, a Dunn Republican, is leading in votes unofficially, but not enough to prevent a recount.

From what Renee says, she has to hire 11 lawyers, and it will cost $50,000 just to get going with the recount, not too mention the cost for the recount itself. Furthermore, Bob “Boom Boom” Etheridge won’t have those costs, since he is a sitting US Congress Critter (if anyone can find different info, let me know.) Renee goes on to say

Yesterday, we appealed to the National Republican Congressional Committee for support, asking if they could contribute to help pay the costs of this recount. Their answer, unfortunately, was, No — that we would have to raise the money to pay for the recount ourselves.

You known that the Democrats and Etheridge will play games, with ballots miraculously appearing. It is time that the grand poobahs in the NRCC get off their butts and help out. Is it not their main job to get as many Republicans elected to Congress as possible? Or, are they just whiny little beatches upset about this political neophyte who was supported by the People, much like the NRSC did with Angle, Miller, and O’Donnell?

How can you help? Donate to Renee (note: she is in NC2, I’m in NC13), click on link above for her website. Call the NRCC at 202-479-7000. Email them at [email protected]. Start slamming their Twitter account, @NRCC.

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