Oops: Donald Trump Campaign Advertisement Uses Images of Nazi Soldiers Instead of US Soldiers

by Warner Todd Huston | July 14, 2015 5:14 pm

Well, that was a major fail! Donald Trump’s campaign Tweeted out a red, white, and blue graphic to sell their candidate today. The image features an photo of Trump, an image of money, one of the White House, and line of soldiers marching. Only… YIKES!… the soldiers were German Nazi soldiers, not American ones.

At about 2PM on July 14, Trump’s campaign Tweeted this out…

But notice the soldiers at the bottom of the image. Those aren’t American uniforms.

In fact they are WWII German uniforms.

Team Trump deleted the Tweet pretty quickly, but not before people got screen shots of the mistake.

As it happens, team Trump must have grabbed a photo of reenactors portraying Nazi solders for the graphic. Here is the stock image that was used…

Of course, these guys are obviously reenactors. It’s obvious at first glance that this is not a real photo from WWII. All five of those fellows are WAY too corpulent to have been from the 1940s! Both German and American soldiers in WWII were far leaner than these fellows.

Regardless, though, what this shows is that Trump’s graphics team is made up of people who know NOTHING about the military or American and world history.

For SHAME, Donald Trump.

(H/T WeaselZippers.com[1])

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