Politico’s Token “Conservative” Blames Right Wing Hate

by William Teach | January 18, 2011 7:50 am

Most insiders know that Joe Scarborough, hired to be Politico’s token conservative, is anything but. At one point, he may have been a Reagan Republican, but, since starting work at MSNBC, he has slowly moved further and further to the left, as the station did. But, Joe has some un-civil words for those on the Right[1]

We get it, Sarah Palin. You’re not morally culpable for the tragic shooting in Tucson, Ariz. All of us around the “Morning Joe” table agree, even if we were stunned that you would whine about yourself on Facebook as a shattered family prepared to bury their 9-year-old girl.

Sounds like a typical lefty talking point: those on the right are not allowed to defend themselves from even the worst of smears

The same goes for you, Glenn Beck. You’ve attacked your political opponents with words designed to inspire hatred and mind-bending conspiracy theories from fans. Calling the president a racist, Marxist and fascist may be reprehensible, but it did not lead a mentally disturbed man to take a Glock to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’s “Congress on Your Corner” event.

No, it didn’t lead Loughner there, Joe. Do you have any proof that it did? You should be careful about throwing libel at someone without proof. Of course, Joe lives in MSNBC World, and unhinged progressivism has surely washed off onto him.

But before you and the pack of right-wing polemicists who make big bucks spewing rage on a daily basis congratulate yourselves for not being responsible for Jared Lee Loughner’s rampage, I recommend taking a deep breath. Just because the dots between violent rhetoric and violent actions don’t connect in this case doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore the possibility – or, as many fear, the inevitability – that someone else will soon draw the line between them.

Actually, someone already has. When you get a minute, Google “Byron Williams” and “Tides Foundation” to see just how thin a layer of ice Beck skates on every day.

Which proves that Joe never actually listens or watches Beck (who’s ratings beat Joe’s hands down. This is like a Pee Wee league QB criticizing Peyton Manning): Beck constantly talks about the Tides Foundation. Oops!

Beck and Palin aside, I do understand why other conservatives pushed back on the media’s initial response to the Giffords shooting. The avalanche of condemnations that came pouring down on Palin, Fox News and the tea party were off base and offensive. Most of the same outlets calling for restraint after the Fort Hood shooting showed no such discipline after Tucson. The fact that the left predictably played to type did more to unite the conservative movement than any event since President Barack Obama’s election.

Thank you so much for your understanding, Joe. I’m sure you are not going to condemn all those liberal outfits, such as your own network…..no?

Now that the right has proved to the world that it was wronged, this would be a good time to prevent the next tragedy from destroying its political momentum. Despite what we eventually learned about the shooter in Tucson, should the right have really been so shocked that many feared a political connection between the heated rhetoric of 2010 and the shooting of Giffords?

So, he understood, but, he blames the Right for being shocked. It’s like the rapist blaming the victim, since she was wearing a little black cocktail dress.

And who on the right is really stupid enough to not understand that the political movement that has a near monopoly on gun imagery may be the first focus of an act associated with gun violence? As a conservative who had a 100 percent rating with the National Rifle Association and the Gun Owners of America over my four terms in Congress, I wonder why some on the right can’t defend the Second Amendment without acting like jackasses. While these types regularly attack my calls for civility, it is their reckless rhetoric that does the most to hurt the cause.

Got that, You’re “jackasses.” Skipping near the end

If you can’t be civil because it’s the right thing to do, then do it because it is in your party’s best interest.

Just make sure you don’t call people you disagree with “jackasses.”

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