Say, About That “Bush Wouldn’t Vote For Or Endorse McCain” Meme….

by William Teach | November 10, 2010 9:03 am

It’s pretty much mule fritters

Former President George W. Bush is denying a report[1] that he once said he would have endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 if the Democrat had asked.

“This is ridiculous and untrue,” Bush spokesman David Sherzer told POLITICO. “President Bush proudly supported John McCain in the election and voted for him.”

A blog post on the website of the Financial Times claimed Tuesday[2] that Bush made the remarks during an Oval Office meeting with British dignitaries, including former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

“I probably won’t even vote for the guy,” the FT reports Bush having said of McCain.

“I had to endorse him,” Bush is reported to have said. “But I’d have endorsed Obama if they’d asked me.”

Who are you going to believe, a guy who sat on what would have been a HUGE story during the 2008 Silly Season, or Bush, who knows what he said better? I’m going with Bush. He may have been a Big Government Social Conservative (really, I equate him more with a JFK liberal), but, there was no possible way he would have endorsed Obama, who was continuously slamming and slurring him all during the campaign, and certainly Bush could have seen what a disaster an Obama presidency would have been.

Meanwhile, the Typical Unhinged Liberals are showing up in the reviews of Decision Points[3] at Amazon by people who didn’t even read the book

And it goes on and on. Funny part, that last comment, the Moonbat messed up and gave the book 4 stars.

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