Stand Clear of the Fiorina Bandwagon

As the Jeb Bush boat begins to sink beneath the waves, establishment conservatives have been desperately attempting to hype Carly Fiorina into contention. VDare reminds us to have a look back at a piece written a month ago by Daniel Horowitz that eviscerates her candidacy. Regarding the single key issue that renders everything else irrelevant, immigration:

In 2010, while running for Senate in California against Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer, Carly affirmed her support for the DREAM Act amnesty, noting “I would support the DREAM Act because I do not believe that we can punish children who through no fault of their own are here trying to live the American dream.” The DREAM Act has served as the foundation for Obama’s cycle of amnesty and Fiorina’s defense is the heart and soul of the arguments Hillary can and will use during the general election. Don’t we need a candidate who will be able to throw what is perhaps our biggest punch with full force? Carly also opposed fixing the birthright citizenship loophole for illegal aliens and referred to it as an “emotional distraction.” She also accused some opponents of amnesty as taking on a racist tone. Again, that is exactly what Hillary says. How can she throw the immigration punch with such vulnerabilities?

In February 2013, when the Gang of 8 released the worst comprehensive amnesty bill of our time, Carly was one of its biggest cheerleaders on the Sunday shows. Appearing on Meet the Press, she said “I applaud and salute the Gang of Eight’s proposal. Let’s move forward and vote on that.” She appeared on This Week on February 3 praising the bill as a “carefully crafted” balance and a “good first step,” while expressing hope that the Democrats would not oppose it. This bill was the embodiment of what is wrong with the very political class she now inveighs against in her well-honed stump speech. Yet, when people like Cruz and Sessions were fighting to stop this bill, which emboldened Obama to expand his executive amnesty and create a new wave of illegal immigration, Carly was cheering the armpit of the political class.

No one who will not take a strong stand against illegal immigration is going to do anything about massively excessive legal immigration either. Under Carly Fiorina, we would continue to be swamped by a nonassimilating Third World deluge that is washing away first our jobs and then our culture — as well as any future for conservative politics.

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At Conservative Review, her rating on every issue is mixed or worse. On the other hand, everyone at Fox News agrees that she won the debate last night hands down.

Adds up to a failing grade.

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