After Trump, The GOP Needs To Change Their Primary System Or Something

by William Teach | May 11, 2016 8:06 am

Over at the Washington Post, their resident (ultra squishy Establishment) Republican, Kathleen Parker, is vexed by the voting system that allowed Donald Trump to become the presumptive GOP nominee, and she has a few ideas

After Trump, the GOP may need a better voting system[1]

(Massive snip to the meat)

To answer my earlier question, the better candidates didn’t win because, obviously, so many of them siphoned votes from stronger ones, giving Trump the lead and all-important momentum. Thus, the constant refrain from Trump supporters that the “establishment” is ignoring the “will of the people” is true only to a point. Trump is the choice of a plurality of the GOP but not of the majority — a distinction with a crucial difference.

At this stage, as the GOP convenes its circular firing squad composed of party leaders, operatives, hacks, flacks, politicos — if you’ll pardon the redundancy — and, yes, certain media, they might better expend their energies considering alternative voting methods that might have prevented Trump’s ascendancy and likely would prevent future demagogues.

One of these methods, already used by a variety of professional organizations to elect officers, as well as by the United Nations to elect the secretary general, uses an “approval” ballot by which voters rank all the candidates of whom they approve rather than selecting just one. Far from new, this idea was suggested in 1770 by French mathematician and astronomer Jean-Charles de Borda, who expressed concern that several similar candidates would split the majority vote and allow a non-consensus candidate to win.


Chatty Kathy offers up several more ideas, all designed to make sure, let’s be clear, that the GOP establishment pick wins. Anyone who thinks she and the establishment would be happy if Ted Cruz won the nomination, raise your hand.

That’s what I thought. They do not want a competent conservative. They would prefer squishes like John McCain and Mitt Romney. How’d that work out? They often do no like the conservatives (or populists) chosen by the voters. Christine O’Donnell. Remember who the NRSC immediately stated they would not help her out?

Parker’s ideas are exactly why Donald Trump was able to whip his supporters up to a frenzy, or, at least, one of the reasons. Namely, complaints about the system trying to shut him down. That it was rigged. That the system was attempting to put an establishment guy in as the nominee. There’s surely a reason Trump went after Jeb Bush first. Not because Jeb polled well with the primary voters (he didn’t, but, he was a much better candidate than portrayed), but because he was a darling of the establishment. Parker wants to change the system so that the establishment pick makes it, rather than the voters picks.

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