WATCH: Tucker Carlson DESTROYS #HuntRepublicans Democrat

WATCH: Tucker Carlson DESTROYS #HuntRepublicans Democrat

Tucker Carlson took on Jim Devine last night on his show. He’s the Democratic strategist who put out the tweet: “We are in a war with selfish, foolish & narcissistic rich people. Why is it a shock when things turn violent? #HuntRepublicanCongressmen,” right after Congressman Scalise was shot last week. Tucker said he was brave enough to come on his show… no, he was stupid enough to do so. But then again, evil is inherently stupid.

Tucker went several rounds with this unhinged moonbat before declaring, “You know what?” Carlson said. “You’re an unbalanced person. And it’s distressing more Democrats haven’t disavowed you. I hope they will.” Exactly right. The guy didn’t back down at all. He doubled and tripled down on his horrific statement, saying that the right had it coming. He’s a dangerous leftist and he’s not right in the head.

From TheBlaze:

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson took on Democratic strategist Jim Devine on Monday over the latter’s insensitive tweet that advocated for the hunting of Republicans just hours after the terrible shooting at a Republican congressional baseball practice.

“So, Jim Devine,” Carlson asked, “under what circumstances is it morally acceptable to use violence for political ends?”

“It’s never moral, it’s never acceptable to use violence for political ends, except perhaps in the most extreme cases, I refer you to George Washington and those guys,” Devine responded. “The fact of the matter is we do with ballots in this country what they do with bullets elsewhere. And it is not uncommon in politics that we use the language of war.”

“We talk about fierce rhetoric,” he continued, “we talk about campus crusades, and so on. You were on a television program, and I don’t know what your body count was, when you were on “Crossfire,” I assume that there were no real casualties there.”

“Oh stop, oh stop, you know what,” Carlson interrupted, “I want to have a reasonable conversation. I don’t want to demagogue this, but in the hours after five people were shot, including the House majority whip, you sent out a tweet that said, ‘hunt Republicans,’ I mean it was clearly a reference to the assassination attempt against congressman [Steve] Scalise. It’s hard to imagine how you could justify writing something like that.”

While decrying gun violence, Devine sat there and actually called for gun violence. He was all over the map and you could literally shovel the hypocrisy coming out of his pie hole. “In the immediate aftermath of the shooting at the Sandy Hook School,” Devine answered, “we heard people say, ‘This is not the time to talk about gun violence,’ we heard lots of things follow this.” “But that’s not what you were saying,” Carlson interrupted. “You were encouraging gun violence.” “Absolutely not, I never encouraged gun violence,” Devine said, showing a sign that read “liberal hunting permit,” intended to portray an example of extremist rhetoric on the right.

He threatened Republicans as well saying that we either need to tone down the rhetoric or the left needs to ‘step up’. Sounds like inciting violence to me. “Sarah Palin put the crosshairs on Congress,” he added. “I’m just saying hunt Republicans instead of Democrats.” What a jackass. Palin was targeting districts in an election, not individual Democrats and he knows that. The left is actually trying to assassinate people on the right now. Big difference.

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