Winners And Losers From 11th GOP Debate

by William Teach | March 4, 2016 7:00 am

Who really lost? The viewers, who had to listen to this drivel, something I’ve never seen before, and I put the onus directly on Donald Trump, for dragging the discourse down instead of focusing on issues in a substantive manner

(Fox News[1]) What did Michigan voters think about tonight’s GOP debate[2] in Detroit?

Frank Luntz shared the reactions of his focus group on a special post-debate edition of The Kelly File.

The voters had some very negative things to say about the tone of the debate, objecting to the intense personal attacks and lamenting a lack of substance.

Using words like “sophomoric,” “shameful” and “despicable,” the voters agreed that this debate did not help the GOP overall.

That focus group picked John Kasich as the winner, mostly for staying above the fray. Here’s how The Hill[3] scores it




Meanwhile, in case you missed it, both of the previous GOP presidential losers, Mitt Romney[4] and John McCain[5], are having hissy fits towards Trump. It’s not that they’re necessarily wrong, they’re just the wrong people to deliver the message.

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