BREAKING: Trump Firing Rex Tillerson – Now We Know His Likely Replacement

BREAKING: Trump Firing Rex Tillerson – Now We Know His Likely Replacement

Well, maybe. There are reports out there today that within the next couple of weeks, President Trump plans on dumping Rex Tillerson. That’s per the New York Times, which is not the most reliable media source out there. They are saying that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly wants to replace Tillerson with CIA Director Mike Pompeo, not U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, a popular choice for Washington insiders. However, the White House today hotly contested that report. “He’s here. Rex is here,” Trump said in the Oval Office when asked if he wants Tillerson to remain in his job. These same sources claim that Sen. Tom Cotton would replace Pompeo at the CIA.

Where do these guys get this crap? The New York Times is claiming they have two ‘unnamed’ sources in the White House. I wonder if they just made it up? Who knows. Tillerson’s popularity with Trump is certainly not what it once was. It turns out that Tillerson is too much of a diplomat and not enough of a pit bull for Trump’s tastes. He’s been criticized for gutting the State Department, but frankly, it needed cleaning out and re-staffing. Then there was the rumor that Tillerson called Trump a “fu*king moron.” That didn’t help things at all. Tillerson denied it as well.

Another unverified report claimed that Tillerson threatened to resign after Trump delivered an intensely political speech at the annual Boy Scout Jamboree. If I didn’t know better, I’d say someone was trying to drive a wedge between Tillerson and Trump and cause chaos. It’s the commie thing to do. Trump has denied these reports and has labeled them as fake news. “It was fake news. It was a totally phony story. It was made up — it was made up by NBC. They just made it up,” Trump said.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders later told reporters: “As the President just said, ‘Rex is here.’ There are no personnel announcements at this time. Secretary Tillerson continues to lead the State Department and the entire cabinet is focused on completing this incredibly successful first year of President Trump’s administration.”

Career diplomats hate Tillerson because he’s trying to shape-up and streamline the State Department. Trump allies soon viewed him as a “low energy” official that spent more time trying to protect his own image instead of articulating the Trump agenda. I’m not sure that is a fair assessment. Tillerson is not aggressive enough for my tastes and he’s not getting much done. Those are my complaints about him, but I haven’t seen him promoting himself out there or overly covering his own butt.

I very much doubt this report is true, although Trump’s wording of Tillerson being ‘here’ seems oddly worded to me. I still take everything the New York Times says with a boulder of salt though. Just sayin’.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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