BREAKING: Russia Has Sent In Troops…

BREAKING: Russia Has Sent In Troops…

It turns out China isn’t the only one who has had it with North Korea’s threats of nuclear attack.

Russia has now sent THEIR troops to the border in a massive show of force that is hopefully enough to tame the increasingly-hostile nation.

After making multiple threats against the United States, President Donald Trump discussed the matter with China who almost immediately sent 150,000 troops to their border. Now we’re learning that Russia has made the same move.

From The Federalist Papers:

Konstantin Asmolov, an expert on the brutally repressive North Korea, said: “Should the US strike with missiles at North Korea’s nuclear facilities, a radioactive cloud will reach Vladivostok within two hours.”

Asmolov, from the Russian Far Eastern Institute, warned that should an all-out war commence, “hungry asylum seekers will flood into Russia.”

Russia is not doing this on behalf of the United States as China did. Instead, they are doing so because it is in their best interest to squash a nuclear attack before it happens. This is a brilliant move that may mean the difference between World War III and a civil existence.

It’s no secret that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un wants to basically nuke the rest of the world, but what’s bizarre is the disproportionate confidence he has in their nuclear capabilities. I mean, each and every one of their missile launches has been an abject failure, why is he not tucking his tail between his legs? He’s all bark and no bite right now and even if he could launch an effective missile, his country would be annihilated before it even reached its mark.

Hopefully the massive power of China and Russia’s armies will be enough to keep the pudgy little bully in line for a little while, but someday someone is going to get tired of his shenanigans and that’ll be all she wrote.

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