Dems SILENT Following Shocking New Twist With Russia

Dems SILENT Following Shocking New Twist With Russia

Russia scrambled a Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet on Tuesday to intercept a US B-52 strategic bomber which it said was flying close to its border over the Baltic Sea, according to Russia’s Defence Ministry. In my book, this is a clear provocation by the Russians. The Russians detected the bomber as it was flying over ‘neutral’ waters. “The Russian SU-27 crew, having approached at a safe distance, identified the aircraft as an American B-52 strategic bomber and escorted it” until such time as it changed course and flew away from the border area, the ministry said. That’s the thing… they don’t have the right to do that over international waters.

Russia said the SU-27 had been scrambled from its Baltic Fleet air defense unit which is based in Kaliningrad. The B-52 “Stratofortress,” a long-range nuclear-capable bomber, is one of the most recognizable symbols of the Cold War and entered service in the 1950s. Both sides seem to be playing war games here and it is very dangerous. In another sign of Moscow’s unease over NATO’s proximity to its borders, Russia also scrambled a MiG-31 jet fighter later on Tuesday to intercept a Norwegian patrol plane over the Barents Sea. Russia’s Defence Ministry identified the plane as a P-3 Orion anti-submarine aircraft.

Not a peep from the Dems over all this. They are too busy getting ready to query Comey over Trump’s non-existent collusion with Russia to pay attention to what Russia is actually doing.

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From The Hill:

A Russian fighter jet on Tuesday intercepted a U.S. B-52 bomber and later the same day a Norwegian patrol plane, Russia’s Defense Ministry told news outlets.

Russia sent a Sukhoi-27 fighter at 10 a.m. Moscow time to intercept the B-52 flying along Russia’s border over the international waters of the Baltic Sea, according to Tass Russian News Agency.

“The crew of Russia’s Sukhoi-27 jet approached the aircraft staying at a safe distance, identified it as a U.S. strategic bomber B-52 and escorted it for some time,” the Defense Ministry said.

There are several B-52s currently in Europe. The Defense Department will use the aircraft as part of NATO exercises this summer. One such exercise, Sabre Strike, will be held in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Russia also sent a MiG-31 jet fighter to intercept a Norwegian P-3 Orion aircraft flying along Russia’s border over the Barents Sea.

The ministry said the aircraft had switched off its transponder during the flight.

There have been a number of aircraft intercepts between Russia and the United States in recent months. Two U.S. fighter jets intercepted four Russian aircraft off the coast of Alaska, including two Russian fighter jets, on May 4.

The Defence Ministry said the Norwegian plane had flown close to Russia’s state border with its transponders switched off. The Norwegian military confirmed the encounter and said it was “normal.” And it probably was. Russia is dramatizing all this to give them cover for actually violating air space in the Balkans and other places. It’s a game of high stakes chicken. Wonder who will blink first.

US Lt. Col. David Faggard, a spokesman for US Forces Europe, said the B-52 was conducting a routine mission in international airspace over the Baltics when it was intercepted by the Russian fighter. Such intercepts happen routinely, Faggard said. The B-52 bomber, normally based in Barksdale, Louisiana, is currently stationed at RAF Fairford in Britain in support of NATO exercises. Faggard also noted the B-52 had its transponders on and would have been identifiable to air traffic controllers at the time of the encounter. Similar incidents have happened close to Russian airspace in the past. In September, a Russian fighter jet flew within 10 feet of a US Navy surveillance aircraft, in what American officials called an unsafe intercept over the Black Sea. This will keep happening until one side or the other tires of the game and either backs off or gets up to dance.

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