VIDEO: Russian airstrikes annihilate 200 ISIS terrorists

VIDEO: Russian airstrikes annihilate 200 ISIS terrorists

I don’t like Russia. I don’t think they are our friend and I don’t think they’re a country that we should be doing a whole lot of negotiating with. That being said, I’m not going to cry if they want to pop off some rounds at a few terrorists.

I also have only good things to say about airstrikes. They are extremely efficient at turning ISIS thugs into ash piles.

Russia is looking to destroy the ISIS fighters and drive them out of Syria via a series of airstrikes. They recently conducted a strike that killed 200 militant Islamists affiliated with the terror group and it was all caught on tape.

Watch the epic footage below:

In just this month, Russia has made large gains in the effort to eradicate ISIS influence from the Syrian region. Their warplanes have flown nearly 990 missions, which have resulted in the destruction of 40 armored vehicles, 100+ trucks and upwards of 800 radical militants.

They have been waging this air campaign since September of 2015.

America has been keeping up recently, with 250 airstrikes that have been focused on the city of Raqqa and the surrounding area.

Colonel Ryan Dillon stated that the United States has ramped up the airstrikes since ousting IS from Mosul, Iraq in July.

The Russian Defense Ministry made a statement on their actions and the effects they are having in Syria.

“In the last month a dramatic shift has taken place in Syria.

‘With the support of the Russian air force, Syrian forces have notched up a series of significant successes and won a major defeat over a big group of Islamic State fighters in the central part of Syria.”

Overall, it appears that the combined efforts of Russian and US military forces are having a positive impact on ISIS control in the region. Let’s hope this trend continues and we can look forward to a draw down date.

H/T: Daily Mail

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