Palin Says Illegals Get Better Care Than Veterans, To Some Degree

by William Teach | May 30, 2014 7:44 am

Well, Team Obama and Democrats certainly works harder to make sure that illegals are treated better overall (video available[1] at Mediaite)

(Politico[2]) Sarah Palin says illegal immigrants are getting better health care than the country’s vets.

“In many respects, illegal aliens in our country today are receiving better health care, more benefits than our troops,” Palin said in an interview on Thursday with FOX’s “Hannity” at the Republican Leadership Conference.

Addressing the scandal at the Department of Veterans Affaris, Palin and host Sean Hannity made comparisons between Guantanamo Bay and the VA, claiming that the ratio of doctors to prisoners is 1 for every 1.5, while the VA has a ratio of 1 doctor for every 35 vets.

When Hannity called the VA a “death trap,” Palin agreed.

“And that is what government-run health care will result in,” Palin said. “It’s inefficient, it takes away choices and isn’t it ironic that those who are willing to sacrifice all, to put their lives, to allow freedom of choices…they’re the ones getting screwed by the VA.”

Let’s be clear: for the most part, veterans receive at least decent care. And even the NY Times notices[3] that there is, in fact, a doctor shortage at the VA. Yet, there are more than enough that receive substandard care. That wait. And wait. And wait. Have you ever tried to call the VA? Good luck with that. I’ve dealt with both the VA and Social Security Admin, needing documents. For the SSA, I typically wait about 15-20 minutes for a representative. In every case, they’ve been pleasant and cooperative. The documents I need are faxed within 25 minutes. In each and every time I’ve needed to call the VA, I have received a message that the Greensboro facility (that’s where the calls route to for the Raleigh area) is busy, please call back later. One cannot even enter a hold cue. I simply tell vets to go to the VA to get the documents now.

Are illegals treated better? They receive medical care. The receive schooling. They seem to end up with welfare and food stamps. Homeland is now saying not to target illegals at courthouses[4]. At every turn, this administration is rolling back The Law along with finding ways to give illegals better care and help. Yet, when it comes to the VA scandal, what should have been an easy subject for Team Obama has turned into a typical Obama scandal. He’s yanked out his scandal playbook, of which many Democrats[5] are refusing to cooperate with, and is truly failing our vets. It’s not hard to imagine that if a head of a federal department was seeing illegals treated poorly, that person would be canned in a heartbeat.

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