Spicer Just UNLEASHED Wiretapping Controversy Statement That Could Mean WAR!

Spicer Just UNLEASHED Wiretapping Controversy Statement That Could Mean WAR!


For those who do not know, Sean Spicer is the current White House press secretary and communications director, and he has been killing it as he works under President Donald Trump. He recently took the time to respond to the outcry against President Donald Trump’s claim that his offices were wired during the former presidential elections. And it looks like Spicer will not be backing down anytime soon on the claims. He has President Donald Trump’s back.

According to Western Journalism:

Spicer was asked if Trump regretted the accusation.

“Absolutely not,” Spicer replied.

“And I think that what he wants them to do is look into wiretapping, other surveillance, and again, as I mentioned before, the other leaks that are threatening our national security,” Spicer added.

“I think the appropriate thing to do is ask the House and Senate to look into it,” Spicer said.

On Monday, Spicer, referring to a string of reports that date back to January concerning wiretaps of Trump or his aides, said there is too much smoke for there not to be a fire.

“There’s no question that something happened. The question is, is it surveillance, is it a wiretap or whatever?” Spicer said Monday. “There has been enough reporting that strongly suggesting something occurred.”

“There’s enough out there now that makes one wonder how some of this happened without the existence of surveillance,” Spicer added.

Trump is lucky to have someone as loyal as Spicer to handle the press.

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