Hilariously Brilliant! Demonstration By Gun Instructor DESTROYS Left’s Attempt To Blame Guns [VIDEO]

Hilariously Brilliant! Demonstration By Gun Instructor DESTROYS Left’s Attempt To Blame Guns [VIDEO]

Clocking over nine million views, firearms instructor Mike Brown has a 3-minute video you have to watch.

Mike Brown is a former criminal justice professor at a Chicago college and introduces his video saying that it’s a response to the “recent gun control debate,” saying that it’s checking to see if guns can actually kill people. He says that he first tried this experiment about two years ago, except with a different pistol.

Spread in front of him are an “array of firearms” which he says are all legal: A Sig Sauer MPX which is technically a pistol because it’s a semiautomatic with a pistol arm brace, a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .38 Special and a Glock 19. He showed off some of his live rounds, loading them, taking the safety off and placing each loaded gun in front of him, saying there’s nothing that will cause the firearms to “go ahead and have fun.”

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He said the guns are pointed in a safe direction with a brick wall.

“Here we have all three loaded firearms. All three. Here we go!”

And… he puts his hands down and waits, staring at them.


He shook his head. “Maybe if we try the drill instructor approach.”


Still, nothing. So, he tried another approach, whispering to the guns: “What are you waiting on? What are you waiting on?”

After making his point clearly and humorously, Brown says:

“Maybe, given that criminal justice is a part of a social science, maybe guns-in-and-of-themselves don’t kill people. Even if you fully load them, they just don’t start killing people.”

“Start attacking tools, start focusing on people.”

Last year, we wrote an article explaining that you can’t “catch” gun violence like a flu. People kill people, not guns. And one school in Colorado City took this and embarked on a three-day program that brought guns and gun experts from Project Appleseed to the school to explain things and show the firearms to students. “We’re teaching them about the firearms so they are familiar with them.” Crazy concept, huh? They taught the students to respect them, to handle them properly, not unlike the kind of training you would need before driving a car or working with a strange animal. The middle schoolers were impressed and said they were “pretty cool” because it’s not something they get to see every day.

Bravo, Mike Brown for showing off the firearms for what they are! You can watch the vid here:


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