Numbers Are In! Americans Support Gun Rights Over Gun Control Following Vegas Attack!

Numbers Are In! Americans Support Gun Rights Over Gun Control Following Vegas Attack!

According to a new poll, the number of American voters who are in favor of the Second Amendment is still higher than the number of voters who support gun control.

With the Las Vegas Massacre still in the news, people who want to turn Stephen Paddock’s firearms collection into a political football in order to score points and further restrict guns. With this new poll, lawmakers who want to be re-elected might want to step back and rethink their position.

The poll was released by Politico/Morning Consult and discovered that while 42% of voters questioned wanted gun control, 47% are in favor of gun rights. Democratic voters were the major source of support for “new gun laws,” with 83% of party supporters wanting stricter laws regulating guns with only 12% of that group who were against stricter gun laws. Among Independents, 58% were in favor of stricter gun control laws and 33% of them were against stricter gun control laws.

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As for the Republicans, 49% want stricter gun control laws while 45% are against new gun control laws. But, 46% of Trump voters want stricter gun control laws while 48% were opposed.

As for people who already own guns, 55% of gun owners would support “new restrictions” and 41% of gun owners would oppose new restrictions.

Bump stocks have been in the press in the last few days due to their use by Stephen Paddock in the recent Las Vegas Massacre. A bump stock can be added to an AR-15 and use its natural recoil action to bounce the gun forward, allowing a user to keep their trigger finger in one place while the gun fires continuously. In a way, this turns a semi-automatic into a gun that can act like a fully automatic, because it allows for the fastest possible emptying of a magazine.

Bump stocks were also on the list of poll questions and 79% of voters support banning the bump stocks (that were, incidentally, approved by Obama in the first place).

Going into specifics, voters support background checks on gun sales and preventing the sale of firearms to people who have been reported as dangerous by mental health providers, as well as to close the infamous gun show loophole.

Despite the support for background checks, the fact remains:

  • 47% of respondents think “it’s more important to protect gun rights”
  • 42% of respondents think “limiting gun ownership is more important.”

After Charlottesville, Second Amendment rights were also attacked when the Virginia Governor falsely alleged that 80% of the attendees at the Unite The Right rally had semiautomatic weapons and “better equipment than our state police.” Further, he stoked fear by saying that attendees had “stashed [weapons] around the city.”

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