BACKLASH: Furious Fans Bombard NFL Teams’ Facebook Pages With Negative Comments

BACKLASH: Furious Fans Bombard NFL Teams’ Facebook Pages With Negative Comments

Millions of Americans are outraged by the lack of respect being shown to the American flag and the National Anthem and are venting their frustration in a variety of ways. They are buying jerseys of the only Steelers player to walk out onto the field for the anthem, they’re boycotting the National Football League by refusing to watch their games and they’ve taken to social media to voice their frustrations.

One of the ways they’re trying to make themselves heard is by taking to the Facebook pages of teams with players who took a knee for America’s anthem and they are leaving negative comments. They are trying to make it extremely clear that they are not going to support a team that disrespects the country that has made them rich.

They’re going to hit the NFL where it hurts: The wallet.

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Fans of the Baltimore Ravens, who had all players kneel during the anthem, expressed their outrage on Facebook.

“Introducing politics into today’s was the lowest behavior of any team. I’m no longer a Ravens fan after today,” said one former fan. “I will be notifying M&T Bank of my decision to pull out as well. If you don’t support my country, you & M&T Bank don’t deserve my support or my money either. Shame on you Baltimore Ravens!”

“You all forget who you represent. Not just yourselves,” said one woman. “You represent the ravens, Baltimore, and America. And you embarrassed yourselves and us today. You not only broke the unity of us as Americans today, I think you broke the unity between Ravens players and Ravens fans.”

“Baltimore fans have a unique opportunity this weekend! Instead of patronizing a sport that has NO RESPECT for our nation, you can drive an hour to Dover, DE and attend the NASCAR race, where they always have, and always will, stand for the Anthem and honor the USA ????” said Facebook user Jeff Ward.

“For the first time since 1996 I have to say…. I don’t care,” stated Dave Horne. “I spent 8 years out of High School defending this great country and the actions of your organization have permanently ruined my love for the Ravens. That was a spit in the face of everyone who has ever sworn The Oath. This will be the first, of many, Ravens’ games I will miss. Villanueva is the only man left in the NFL.”

Other fans expressed similar sentiments on other teams’ Facebook pages.

Coaches discussed President Donald Trump’s comments regarding the NFL with some allowing their players to kneel if they felt the need to. If nothing else, Trump united the NFL. Unfortunately for them, more people stand with America and the country than stand with some over-payed crash test dummies who throw a ball back and forth on some grass.

Trump also tweeted about the protests yesterday, saying that coaches needed to fire or suspend players who refused to pay respect to their country.

And that’s exactly what football fans are doing. Many have even promised to stop buying products made and sold by companies who sponsor the NFL.

In a country that is already facing terrible division, it’s unbelievable that the players of a game that is supposed to unite us (for the most part) are engaging in divisive political and social rhetoric.

Nobody is denying them the right to protest, by the way. We’re simply questioning the wisdom of it.

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