BOOOM! Dallas Cowboys Just FIRED Player For Raising Black Power Fist After Anthem

by Sierra Marlee | October 27, 2017 6:56 pm

The owner of the Dallas Cowboys may just see a surge of support for his team after he fired a player who decided to defy his orders. Jerry Jones stated that any player he sees disrespecting the National Anthem would receive a nice, cozy and permanent spot as a bench warmer, but when Damontre Moore decided to raise his fist in a black power salute after the anthem, Jones took his threat one step further.

He fired Moore, to the shocked delight of football fans everywhere, who are sick of divisive rhetoric in their entertainment.


“Under no circumstances will the Dallas Cowboys – I don’t care what happens – under no circumstances will we as an organization or as coaches and players not support and stand and recognize and honor the flag. Period,” said Jones in a statement that sent ripples of terror through the safe space communities who believe that they should be able to behave however they please and receive no consequences for doing so.

Yes, it turns out that your employer does actually kind of have a say on how you act while you’re on the clock and there are repercussions for doing something that flies in the face of that.

Perhaps what is most shocking about this whole thing is that Jones made the promise to punish players for doing something deemed disrespectful and he actually followed through with it. There has been an epidemic of people saying one thing and then doing another and it’s unbelievably refreshing to see someone actually stand by their word.

Looks like he’ll be joining Kaepernick in the unemployment line for wayward sports boys. Turns out the people who watch football aren’t the only ones who have had it with people making “statements” during the game. Just shut up and play. Make “social change” on your own time. We pay you to do one thing and that is to run the ball from one end of the grass to the other and maybe get knocked on your fanny a few times in the process. That’s it. We don’t want any preaching or any politics. We want to be entertained. That is your job in a nutshell.

So, when you go outside of that (expressly against the will of your employer), you’re going to find yourself walking out with a pink slip. This is the way it should be for every team. We’d finally get back to good old football again.

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