Bruce Maxwell of Oakland A’s Joins Hate Hoax List

by Dave Blount | October 26, 2017 1:22 pm

As a rule, baseball players are cut of higher-quality cloth than the goons who have been ruining the NFL. Also, the highly patriotic fans are unlikely to tolerate anti-American shenanigans. Consequently, MLB has been able to avoid the appalling spectacle of pampered overpaid stars making theatrically disrespectful displays during the national anthem. The only exception is Bruce Maxwell of the Oakland A’s, who in a further bid for attention has now turned to hate hoaxing:

Maxwell, 26, claimed this week that a waiter in his Alabama hometown of Huntsville refused him service after identifying him as the MLB player who took the knee during “The Star Spangled Banner” last month — only the waiter has a very different version of events and he told Fox News that was far from what went down.

“He is outright lying. This is really upsetting as he was given full service, I didn’t even know who Bruce Maxwell was,” Matt Henry, a 42-year-old waiter at Keegan’s Public House, told Fox News. “This all started because I carded his friend who wanted to order a beer.”

According to Henry, an Alabama native, Maxwell was dining with local Democratic councilman Devyn Keith and another friend who produced an expired ID, and the server refused to serve him a drink — which upset the friend, who followed him into the kitchen. …

“I didn’t know anything about him or the kneeling. All I know is a friend of mine 15 years ago lost his job for serving someone a drink who happened to be underage, so if anyone looks under 30, I’m going to card them.”

Maxwell himself was served, because he produced a valid ID. The restaurant staff did not know who he was.

Not a big deal — until Maxwell got the media involved:

Maxwell told TMZ Sports this week — and headlines since have spanned the globe — that the waiter said to him, “You’re the guy who took the knee?” After confirming he was, Maxwell alleged that the waiter then responded, “I voted for Trump, and I stand for everything he stands for,” and then refused to serve him. …

The pro-baseball rookie also claimed to TMZ that he was racially profiled by the server…

The waiter denies all of this. Given that Maxwell is the kind of guy who would refuse to stand for the national anthem, who are you going to believe?

Maxwell is a light-skinned mulatto who could pass for white — not that he was likely to have been “racially profiled” anyway.

Please welcome Bruce Maxwell to the Hate Hoax List.

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