CNN host wanted a Muslim to carry the American flag, Americans disagreed

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | August 7, 2016 10:44 am

Michael Phelps’ teammates[1] chose him to be the American flag bearer in the opening ceremonies of the Rio Olympics. As the most decorated athlete in America, it was more than appropriate. But liberals and the biased media immediately pounced on it, saying that Phelps should step aside and let the runner-up take his place. Why? Because he’s a rich white man and his proposed replacement is a black, Muslim woman. I kid you not – it is the most specious, pandering suggestion I have ever heard. Thankfully, Phelps did not do that and took his rightful place in history Friday night. A CNN host and others were livid over it, screaming about his white privilege and how he had a chance to unify the nation and blew it. Oh, go pound sand already, you raving moonbats.


From the Independent Journal:

“What I’m trying to say is that as far as America is concerned, you are a golden boy … literally. You getting the opportunity to carry the flag is like Michael Jordan getting a free pair of Nike sneakers.

You are both the living embodiment of the “honor” you are getting.

To put it another way, in the Make-Your-Own-Ice-Cream-Sundae-Bar of life, your sundae is lousy with hot fudge, butterscotch, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, nuts, sprinkles, extra scoops of ice cream, and so many Maraschino cherries that 5-year-old kids with mouthfuls of Maraschino cherries yell as you pass by, “THAT’S TOO MANY CHERRIES!”

And that’s why I would be proud of you for giving up your position to Ibtihaj Muhammad. Muhammad carrying the flag would be much bigger than your one moment.

It would be a symbol for our country in this moment when we are mostly known for one of the most contentious, controversial, scandal-ridden, hateful, xenophobic, jingoistic, and just generally unlikeable presidential elections in recent memory. This is at a time when we could use some more symbols of unity and togetherness.”

These liberal morons wanted Ibtihaj Muhammad to carry the flag – she’s a die-hard Trump basher and hater and she’s far more to their globalist, politically correct liking. What they call ‘a noble gesture’ for Phelps would actually have been a disservice to this young woman, whether she thinks so or not. Instead of the world applauding her success in fencing, they would be applauding her race, gender and religion. That’s an insult. She hasn’t won 18 gold medals… Phelps has. This whole thing and the surrounding controversy generated by it is just beyond stupid. Phelps’ teammates stood by their decision to make him the flag bearer. At least they still have some common sense.




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