Democrat Judge Breaks From Party Then Blasts Kaepernick With EPIC Facebook Update

by Margaret M. | August 25, 2017 11:17 am


Colin Kapernick is such a sorry excuse for a human being that even Democrats are going after him for being an entitled, disrespectful jerk.

Kapernick has made a name for himself for refusing to stand for the National Anthem before football games with the 49ers. This is supposed to be a protest against police brutality (or something), but it makes him look like a slob who is too good to stand on his feet to recognize the sacrifices of American veterans. So far, we’ve seen quite a few people come out of the woodwork to oppose Kaepernick.

And now, one of Ohio’s Supreme Court Judges has posted The Best Facebook Post This Week on Tuesday after the Cleveland Browns won a Monday preseason game.

Judge Bill O’Neill posted this on his Facebook page:

Congratulations Cleveland Browns on your win. Unfortunately my season ended last night. I will NEVER attend a sporting event where the draft dodging millionaire athletes disrespect the veterans who earned them the right to be on that field. Shame on you all. William O’Neill, LTC, US Army, Retired. Vietnam veteran; son of a Wolrd [War] II veteran; proud father of an Iraq veteran.

And yes, Judge O’Neill is a Democrat. Not exactly the first person you’d think of when you’re wondering who would have the least amount of patience for these idiots. But, as an army vet, unlimited patience for lazy entitled disrespectful idiots is probably not one of strong points.

Even Democrats aren’t all of a single thought or of a single belief, and I’m sure Judge O’Neill will suffer social fallout from this. But, it’s not as if Kaepernick didn’t gain from his idiotic stunt, gaining on the backs of people with much harder lives than him.

Meanwhile, everyone else agrees with Judge O’Neill and thanks him for his and his family’s service.

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