The Dolphins Cave: Players Are No Longer Allowed to Protest the Anthem

The Dolphins Cave: Players Are No Longer Allowed to Protest the Anthem

Apparently some people at the National Football League have determined that they can’t lose anymore money, or, alternately, they’ve seen the light and have discovered that perhaps allowing players to break the rules and disrespect the country is probably not a good thing.

Either way, the Miami Dolphins’ head coach is now putting his foot down on the kneeling nonsense and telling his players that they need to stand for the National Anthem. Naturally, there are people who are upset about this, but the rest of us realize that the owner is making a decision based on the team’s best interests and not the political interests of individual players.

Head coach Adam Gase has now implemented a policy which states that the players MUST stand for the National Anthem, otherwise they need to stay in the tunnel/locker room until the anthem is over. While this doesn’t completely eliminate the problem of players disrespecting the country, it does keep people from being forced to see it when they attend football games.

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It also gives the players the option to not attend the anthem and if they’re kneeling, isn’t that the next logical step anyway? I mean, clearly they have no interest in showing respect for the country that they believe has wronged them in some way, so why not just avoid showing up for the National Anthem?

And of course, Talcum X had to have his say, because he’s still pretending to be black.

When asked about the policy change, Dolphins’ owner Steve Ross essentially blamed President Trump for making him force his players to stand.

“He’s changed that whole paradigm of what protest is and I think it’s incumbent upon the players today, because of how the public is looking at it, to really stand and really salute the flag,” Ross stated. “Whenever you’re dealing with the flag you’re dealing with something different.”

Could this also have something to do with plummeting ticket sales and dismal attendance? Perhaps…

When all’s said and done, money (and the lack thereof) is one of the biggest motivators around. The need for cash doesn’t stop just because you feel like you should stand up for something. People in a free market society are allowed to vote with their paychecks and boy are they being heard loud and clear.

Unfortunately for the NFL, more people care about the dignity of the country than they do about being entertained by a bunch of walking concussions in tight pants.

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