ESPN Apologizes For Fantasy Football Auction Because Some Felt It Resembled A Slave Auction [VIDEO]

ESPN Apologizes For Fantasy Football Auction Because Some Felt It Resembled A Slave Auction [VIDEO]

I think America has lost her ever-freaking mind. ESPN, who is not even worth watching these days, held a fantasy football auction using the images of NFL players on sticks for the bidding. Obviously, many of the players were black… cue the outrage from the left. A number of them said the event resembled a slave auction. Isn’t that a racist sentiment? Just because you are black, you are now equated with slavery? They said nearly all those bidding on the players were white. Why is this even an issue? Are we so polarized now, that the most minor thing triggers the entire country? SMH.

Given, it was a stupid move by ESPN in this political climate. But even so, it was a common auction draft held for fantasy football. Now, suddenly it’s a big deal and everyone is offended. If all the football players were white, this wouldn’t have even come up. So, I contend leftists are racists and should purge themselves from our midst. Seems only fair. Just sayin’. But of course, cowardly ESPN couldn’t get on their knees fast enough and beg for forgiveness over this perceived racist slight.

From Breitbart:

ESPN aired a segment on Tuesday in which they held a fantasy football auction, using staged images of real NFL players. Many of the staged images were of black players, and nearly all those bidding on the players were white.

Leading some to say the scene resembled a slave auction. The network has since apologized for the segment, saying they understand how some could believe that the scene too closely resembled a slave auction.

In a statement to The Big Lead, ESPN said, “Auction drafts are a common part of fantasy football, and ESPN’s segments replicated an auction draft with a diverse slate of top professional football players. Without that context, we understand the optics could be portrayed as offensive, and we apologize.”

The insanity of this, other than the fact that we apparently can’t even have fantasy football auctions anymore without injecting race into it, is that the NFL is full of instances like this where someone could see the wrong thing if they wanted to.

You don’t hear this over fantasy baseball or fantasy hockey drafts, because most of the guys are white. Double standard much? Welcome to the new racial inquisition where everyone is flogged for the most minor of deeds. How bitingly stupid can you get? Are you sick of this, because I sure as heck am.

The only response this should have gotten from ESPN and fans is, “What’s the big frickin’ deal?” But ESPN is so politically correct these days they are now performing self-flagellation and begging their Lords of Bigotry for forgiveness. Those of color evidently have a new right that I was unaware of in the Constitution…. must be in the Good and Plenty clause. The right to be offended at any damned thing they please. They literally sit on a trigger. Now, make one wrong move and you are fired, smeared, banned or publicly humiliated as being a racist. Maybe public lynchings will make a comeback… this time for white people… because racism.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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