ESPN Murdered in Ratings Last Year, No Longer #1

ESPN Murdered in Ratings Last Year, No Longer #1

It turns out that when you mix politics with entertainment, people cease to be entertained and your ratings suffer. If you question that, ask ESPN, who saw a significant drop in ratings after they began to push a liberal agenda.

People don’t want to be preached to about politics while they’re trying to catch baseball scores. If they wanted that, they’d turn on one of the pretentious mainstream media channels. Since they instead chose to watch sports, just show us sports.


The final ratings are coming in and oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Once regarded as the worldwide leader in sports news, ESPN still maintains its dominance over the sports cable network but has seen record lows since they adopted a more progressive/liberal tone.

Breitbart has more:

Like this, from the sports media site Awful Announcing, “ESPN remained the dominant sports cable network leader in 2016 despite a 9 percent drop in each prime time and total-day viewership year-to-year. Its top program “Monday Night Football” averaged a 9-year low for its season and was down 12 percent from its previous year (11.4 million vs. 2016’s 12.9 million). Due to the unprecedented 2016 presidential election, ESPN (1.95 million) lost its cable prime time leader crown to Fox News Channel (2.466 million) by a margin of nearly 500,000 viewers.”

While ESPN kinda has a monopoly on sports media coverage, it’s telling to see how low their numbers went after they a took a left turn. Hopefully they’ll go back to the way they used to be this year, but somehow I don’t think it would do much to improve their viewership.

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