Football Coach Gets CUT After Kneeling For Prayer On Field – ‘I Just Want The Same Rights As Everyone Else’

Football Coach Gets CUT After Kneeling For Prayer On Field – ‘I Just Want The Same Rights As Everyone Else’

Hold on, let me see if I have this right: Kneel in protest of the National Anthem, get lauded as a hero and protected by the mainstream media. Kneel in prayer before the National Anthem, get cut (even if you’re the coach) because… tolerance? I guess only certain parts of the First Amendment matter to liberals.

Joe Kennedy coached football at Bremerton High School right up until he was suspended and then fired after kneeling in prayer before football games.

I guess the left only supports one kind of kneeling.

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Joe Kennedy has been kneeling in prayer after football games since 2008, but in 2015, the school issued a letter to him saying that they were aware of his praying and that he needed to stop.

After every game, when the players left the field, Kennedy would walk out to the 50-yard line and kneel in prayer, thanking the Lord for a good game and the opportunity to be in the children’s lives. This usually lasts 30 seconds or less, but was apparently offensive to some.

A student recently invited the Satanic Temple of Seattle to watch the game and protest against the coach’s prayer, pressuring the school to make clear its policy on praying in public.

To clarify, Kennedy never instructed nor asked his players to pray with him and it was something he did silently and alone, which makes it all the more outrageous that the school ended up firing him.

Hours before the game on October 16th, the school threatened Kennedy with strict disciplinary action if he prayed on school grounds and within sight of the football players. This was in response to a letter written by Liberty Institute, from whom the coach sought legal advice. The organization sent a letter to the school board making it clear that the First Amendment protects the right of Kennedy to pray. The school wasn’t having it.

That night, Kennedy continued his ritual of praying after the teams had left the field. Many players from both sides circled around the coach in support of his unspoken prayer. On October 28th, the school district suspended the coach.

Kennedy is a 20-year Marine vet and spent a considerable chunk of his life fighting for American values, including the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, only to be denied his First Amendment rights when he returned home.

The Liberty Institute let the school board know that their letter to Kennedy was being considered a refusal to accommodate the coach’s religious beliefs, forcing them to file a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

I assure you that none of the students nor the coach would have been removed from the team if they had chosen to kneel in protest of *insert liberal agenda item here,* so it’s clear that this is an attack on not only conservatism, but religion as well.

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