Fox Sports’ Clay Travis Rips Nike Equality Ad: ‘Nike Doesn’t Treat Everybody Equal at All’ [VIDEO]

Fox Sports’ Clay Travis Rips Nike Equality Ad: ‘Nike Doesn’t Treat Everybody Equal at All’ [VIDEO]

Today is a very good day to bash on the ‘equality’ garbage that permeates our culture at the moment and the Fox Sports Radio show “Outkick the Coverage” host Clay Travis does just that. He mocks a new Nike ad that encourages equality “everywhere,” pointing out how “hypocritical” the company is for paying its Indonesian workers 1/76th what American factories do right here.


“Nike is making money hand over fist because they’re only paying their workers three dollars a day to make them in Indonesia. If equality is everywhere, doesn’t Nike actually have to treat its employees equally? Doesn’t Nike have to actually bring its brand to American shores and make this sneaker inside of our borders and actually pay people in America to make a shoe they’re asking people to buy?”

“Don’t you think it’s a little bit hypocritical for Nike to say that equality is everywhere when it’s paying workers overseas 1/76th of what they would have to pay for an American to make this?”

Travis took it even further and labeled what Nike does with its Indonesian employees as “Indonesian virtual slave labor. I guess everybody’s equal and there are no boundaries as long as you don’t live in Indonesia.”

Hypocrisy is everywhere, but it is exemplified by the left. Big business is fine. But once big business gets into politics, it never turns out well for them. What Nike has done is shown itself to be a major hypocrite – and they exposed that hypocrisy in one of their own ads! Now that is just sad.

But will this matter? No. Folks are still going to buy their products, because let’s face it – they have some great products. There is no reason to be angry with Nike. Just realize that they are trying to jump on the activist band wagon that has plagued 2015, 2016 and now 2017.

All in all, they don’t care about equality…They’re just trying to sell more products.

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