This GOP Baseball Legend is Considering Challenging Elizabeth Warren for Her Senate Seat in 2018

This GOP Baseball Legend is Considering Challenging Elizabeth Warren for Her Senate Seat in 2018

Wow! I certainly hope this one is for realsies. It looks like Curt Schilling is thinking about taking on Elizabeth Warren for her Senate seat in 2018. That would be awesome. Replacing that raving moonbat in the Senate would be a real coup. Guess Schilling is looking to take Fauxcahontas’ scalp. Schilling would be doing the entire nation a huge favor.

Schilling has a real spine and when he sets his mind to do something, nothing gets in his way. Especially not a crazy Marxist. She is indeed a nightmare.

Curt Schilling

From The Daily Caller:

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Former MLB pitcher and ESPN commentator Curt Schilling has his eyes set on taking Elizabeth Warren’s Senate seat in 2018.

During a Monday interview on WRKO-AM, he stated he “I’ve thought about it, and I think one of the things I would would like to do is be one of the people responsible for getting Elizabeth Warren out of politics.”

“I think she’s a nightmare,” he said. “The left is holding her up as the second coming of Hillary Clinton, which Lord knows we don’t need the first one.”

Schilling says the only state he will run in is Massachusetts. I consider that a very good thing. We need more conservatives and sanity in that state.

Rumors of Schilling running against Warren started last week. This isn’t the first time he’s considered running either. He considered mounting a campaign to fill the late Ted Kennedy’s seat back in 2009.

Here’s to Curt Schilling… get em! If anyone can do it, I’m sure it’s him. We look forward to doing a war dance for Schilling when he gets ready to run.

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