HAHA! Butterfinger Trolls Anthem Protests Of Chicago Bears – Funniest Thing ALL Week!

by Russell | September 30, 2017 11:42 am

Just like Colin Kaepernick started this whole kneeling business to remain relevant, Butterfinger (yes, the candy bar) has done something similar. I haven’t heard anything about Butterfingers for years, but apparently they have a Twitter handle. It has over 95,000 followers, which is just astounding for a diabetes-inducing candy bar.


Now, I’m all for trolling. In fact, it’s what I spend most of my time doing. I love the thrill of getting someone to react and call me all sorts of names. I feel accomplished when I’ve wasted both my time and the feminists’ time. Y’all ought to try it sometime. I even love it more when a brand name has a Twitter account and starts trolling people. It’s a good time. This is what happened during the Chicago Bears game versus the Green Packers.

I’m not sure how the game went because I don’t really like watching sweaty gladiatorial men trying to move a ball past a line. I’m sure the Packers won. But what I do know is that there is this thing going on at the beginning of games this year when players kneel because we’re all racists, or something. This probably has no consequences on the favorability of the league[2] or anything. I mean, who would care that these people are disrespecting the country that enabled them to makes thousands and millions of dollars playing a game?

Anyways, the Packers and the Bears stood in “solidarity” against the evil white men in the country, or something, at the beginning of the game. People booed, it was a thing. Naturally, the best person to poke fun at the whole situation was a candy bar.

Does the Bears’ Twitter account need some ointment for that burn? But seriously though, that was pretty awesome. It’s good to see someone has a sense of humor about all this. The exchange goes on for awhile and the candy bar mocks the Bears for losing the game whilst getting into a heated Twitter battle with an inanimate object. It is world-class trolling. I salute them.

I’ve said this before. I don’t care what people do during the National Anthem. I’m all about personal freedom. I don’t care if people are upset that these players are disrespecting the flag or the country. I just don’t care. Hopefully we can all see that and get past this whole business. I guess I’ll have to stick to watching the Lingerie League[6], you know, for the articles.

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