HOLY CRAP! Feisty Black Author Cuts NFL Down To Size [VIDEO]

HOLY CRAP! Feisty Black Author Cuts NFL Down To Size [VIDEO]

Mason Weaver, author of “It’s Okay To Leave The Plantation: The New Underground Railroad,” couldn’t sit back and let the NFL disrespect America, the National Anthem and the soldiers who fought for the flag, died for the flag and had their caskets covered by the flag.

Like most people in the United States, he just wants players to check their political beliefs at the door and play the game that they’re being paid to play. Just like actors and actresses should stop preaching politics and just act.

Also like millions of Americans, he is refusing to watch the NFL games this season because he doesn’t care for being preached at by millionaires who aren’t actually doing anything to make the nation better, or to improve the situation of people they claim to be representing while they kneel.

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In his video, he makes a very simple, yet very true statement: These football players will never be satisfied with what they have. They are taking a stand against a country that has made them rich and has allowed them to pursue their dreams as professional athletes because they’re upset that the President called out the virus of disrespect that has been festering in the NFL.

He also identified liberalism as a “religious belief,” saying that no matter what happens to liberals in life – good or bad – they are always a victim of something. They’re a victim of the circumstances of their birth, they’re a victim of their skin color, they’re a victim of discrimination, they’re a victim of the white man, of Christians, of the “1%,” etc. They could be the President of the United States and still be a victim in some way or another and it gets exhausting hearing all of these rich, successful people try to tell the rest of America how bad they have it.

This 8-minute video will have you cheering in your chair, because finally someone understands how you feel and they’re not afraid to say it!

Watch the video below:


He also addresses what he called the “black culture of failure” that conditions minorities, but blacks specifically, to be victims. Their failures and inadequacies are never their fault, it’s always someone else’s responsibility to make sure that you succeed and if you fail, well then that person just dropped the ball, not you. If you’re black, you need white people to facilitate your success or you will have nothing.

What kind of attitude is that to have? Is this 2017, or 1940? We live in a time where the only thing holding you back is yourself. You are your own biggest obstacle to success and if you can’t get out of your own way, well you have nobody to blame but yourself.

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