KARMA: Networks To Take Possible $200 Million Loss If NFL Rating Drop Continues

KARMA: Networks To Take Possible $200 Million Loss If NFL Rating Drop Continues

The NFL has refused to take players to task over making political statements during games and the displeasure among the viewership is reflected in the ratings. Long-time fans have been rejecting the National Football League since Colin Kaepernick took a knee for the National Anthem and the longer it goes on without consequence, the more people turn the channel.

A new report has discovered that a number of networks stand to suffer large financial losses if the NFL doesn’t do something about the dramatic drop off in eyeballs.

CBS, ESPN, Fox and NBC are looking at a potential $200M hit to their $2.5 billion in NFL advertising, according to a new report.

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Ratings are crashing through the floor and it has many analysts concerned. This season’s Week Two is their lowest since 1998 and that is following an equally disastrous Week One. The first two games of this football season are down double-digits compared to last year’s numbers at this same time.

The decrease is not only bad news for ad revenue, but could potentially lead to a decline in stock prices as well, which would be another hit to their pocketbooks.

While the NFL still remains television’s biggest draw (I mean, people are still going to tune in to see their team) the total numbers of television views is steadily dwindling. People are more likely to stream the game on their phones or mobile devices, which may account for some of the loss in traditional viewership.

However, the elephant in the room that the National Football League continues to ignore to its detriment is the boycott of their games due to overt politicization of the game by players, who don’t seem to understand that their actions don’t just hurt them, but the team and the image of the League as a whole.

I’m a big fan of activism and shaking things up, but when it comes to entertainment, there needs to be a line. Entertainment is the “safe space” of television. That’s where we go when we’re tired of being told that our political views are sick and wrong. It’s where we go when we want to unite as people in a good laugh, or sing lyrics to a song we love with people from all over the political spectrum. Entertainment is where people shed their political and social labels and come together to enjoy life and it’s really fricken hard to do that when politics is creeping into every aspect of our lives.

I get that you have strong political views, but could you perhaps put those away on game-day and do what you’ve been paid an outrageous amount of money to do and just play the game?

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