Mind-Blowing VIDEO of the Biggest Trick in BMX History! First Ever Quadruple Backflip CAUGHT on TAPE!

by Cassy Fiano | July 14, 2015 9:38 am

BMX riders are known for their thrilling performances of seemingly death-defying tricks, but one athlete took it to the next level and just made history. Jed Mildon, who conquered the first triple backflip a few years ago, has just landed the world’s first quadruple backflip.


Nitro Circus rider Jed Mildon launched off a 21-foot box jump and pulled off the biggest trick in BMX history, nailing a quadruple backflip for the first time ever.

Mildon joked with Transworld that a quintuple backflip might be possible.

“Do you think it’s possible to keep going and push it to five?

Jed: Of course it’s possible, good luck, though! [Laughs]”

This feat comes after a year of competition between Mildon and fellow BMX rider James Foster to be the first to land the jump. Mildon won thanks to a score of injuries suffered by Foster trying to score the first quadruple backflip, which virtually took him out of the running — but who knows? The two of them will surely find some new death-defying trick to try next.

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