WHAT! Oakland Raiders Threw Game, Allowed Derek Carr To Be Sacked Over Anthem Stunt? [VIDEO]

WHAT! Oakland Raiders Threw Game, Allowed Derek Carr To Be Sacked Over Anthem Stunt? [VIDEO]

This is what our world has come to. People disagreeing about whether performance-enhanced men should kneel during a song when a cloth is raised in the air. Do you all see how ridiculous this is? Can I boycott writing about this garbage? If you all stopped caring, we would stop writing about it.

There is a rumor going around that the Oakland Raiders lost their game on purpose because their white quarterback stood for the National Anthem during the game. Seriously, is this what football has become? We warned everyone when they started injecting politics into sports. We told them, hey guys, we don’t want politics with our sports, we just want to sit back, relax and take a break from being reminded that white men are evil and that they are coming to your house with guns if you don’t give up half your income. You know, the simple things in life.

The evidence is compelling and overwhelming. Like the Raiders didn’t give up a sack the week prior to playing the Redskins, but gave up four sacks this week. I smell a conspiracy. Call Alex Jones, he’s probably already onto it. Oh wait, he’s posted this video to his YouTube channel. You can’t out-conspiracy Alex. He’s already been informed by high-level people within the agency that this is real. You can totally believe him.

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They say Derek Carr wasn’t sacked at all last season, but that is false. He was actually sacked 16 times last year. They also say the center snapped the ball to Derek three times before he was ready. The preponderance of evidence is overwhelming. Their motives must be suspect!

But seriously who cares? People think this is a thing. The offensive line of the Raiders is mostly black guys or all black guys, so obviously that is the defining characteristic of them. We should judge them based on that and that alone, not on how good or bad at their job they are. I mean, it sounds like they had a poor performance, giving up 4 sacks and all, but that could mean they were thinking about other things during the snap count. Like how much chicken they were going to eat after the game, or what they should name their new dog, or if they left the stove on at home. There are plenty of distractions out there. I for one, got distracted writing this, because I seriously do not care about any of this. But it sounds like it’s pretty polarizing.

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