Papa John’s Founder Forced To RESIGN After Slamming NFL Anthem Protests

Papa John’s Founder Forced To RESIGN After Slamming NFL Anthem Protests

John Schnatter was forced to resign from his job as CEO of Papa John’s, a famous pizza company, over some comments he made regarding the National Football League protests. Keep in mind that he has previously supported Trump by sending an estimated $1,000 to his campaign and spoken out against Obamacare.

He slammed the way that the NFL has handled the anthem protests, saying that there is a blatant lack of leadership at the League and it was showing.

Apparently people thought that this was a bridge too far for the pizza peddler and decided that they couldn’t support him after he made his opinion on the matter clear. Now, he’s stepping away from Papa John’s as CEO, but will stay on as a chairman as he owns 25% of the company.

This is not the first time that Schnatter has stepped down as CEO, however, so those taking it as a victory should be warned. In 2005, after a period of steadily declining sales, he decided to pull this move as well. He came back three years later when the company took a turn for the better.

I expect that he is going to do the same thing here, though a statement from the company states that Schnatter will use this time to “pursue his personal passion for entrepreneurship, leadership development, and education.”

In the mean time the President of the company, Steve Ritchie, will take his place.

This isn’t the first time people have threatened to boycott the company, however. In 2012 he slammed the Affordable Care Act, claiming that it would be a “lose-lose” situation for both the company and the employees, because it would drive up the price of his pizzas as a way to pay for the mandatory insurance.

He has maintained a great many conservative positions, writing in his book about what happens when you have too many regulations on business and the overall effect on the economy.

As I mentioned before, I suspect that Schnatter won’t stay “retired” for very long and will retain complete control of the company. The fact that he was driven out after saying that he believes the anthem protests indicate a lack of leadership at the NFL says a lot about the current state of the country. The truth is so offensive to some that they need to take drastic action to silence it.

Oh well, that just leaves more pizza for the rest of us.

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