#Runner1547 becomes the unlikely instant hero of world famous race in London [VIDEO]

#Runner1547 becomes the unlikely instant hero of world famous race in London [VIDEO]

The world needed a good pick me up story. We’ve been reading so much about radical Islam, North Koreans acting silly, MOABs dropped on ISIS caves and numerous terror attacks involving bridges and stolen trucks aiming for children.

That’s where #Runner1547 from the London Marathon steps in to provide us with an inspirational story. He fits the saying: “not all heroes wear capes” quite well, considering the guy is barely wearing any clothes at all in his skimpy little runner outfit!

#Runner1547 sacrificed his run time to help another runner cross the finish line. He noticed the other man having trouble and seemed like he would be unable to finish the race. Well, not on #Runner1547‘s watch! He darted toward the struggling runner and scooped him under his arm and onto his shoulder. The two men ran until the race was finished. Marathons are 26.2 miles long. They had one mile to reach the finish line and #Runner1547 was determined to get them both across to end the day without quitting.

Matthew Rees, from Swansea Harriers Athletics Club, has been called an ‘inspiration’ after he was spotted helping exhausted David Wyeth, from Chorlton Runners, finish the race.

The runners were on their final mile of the incredible 26.2-mile race when David’s legs appeared to give way.

In true sportsmanship, Matthew, whose bib number is 1547, was seen sacrificing his race to offer support to David, as he struggled to complete the race.Footage taken by spectators show Matthew, from Wales, encouraging David to stay on his feet.

Twitter users hailed Matthew Rees with the hashtag #Runner1547 and called him a hero. Sure, he’s not a hero who stopped a meteor from crashing into Earth and he didn’t save a German woman from being gang raped by Muslims, but he IS the inspirational story we could use right now. He’s a selfless and dedicated athlete who picks up his fellow runners when he sees them about to go down. There’s no telling if David Wyeth had enough energy left to finish the last mile. 26.2 miles is a LOT to run on the human body. Even if you train and eat properly, all that running at once really tires your legs.

This is a wonderful story that the whole planet could use more of. People picking each other up, instead of putting each other down.

Thank you, Matthew Rees, for being an inspiration to everyone out there. Thank you for caring more about everyone running the race and not being selfish about your own scores. At the end of the day, the race is meaningless, but your actions that helped David Wyeth are forever.

If you want to know what a person really believes, watch their actions. We see your actions, Matthew.

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