Saints Stand For Anthem But Shamelessly Kneel During ‘Moment Of Silence’ For Fallen Cop [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | October 16, 2017 12:49 pm

This has gone way too far. This weekend, the National Anthem protests continued and so did the boycotting of the NFL. This time, however, the kneeling descended to a whole new level and it didn’t happen during the National Anthem. At the New Orleans Saints vs. the Detroit Lions game, before it even began, several of the Saints took a knee. Fans have already shown their displeasure at the team doing this crap, but their timing on this display outraged the fans. These players took a knee during a moment of silence for a fallen police officer. His name was Marcus McNeil. He was a father of two and was cut down while on duty just two days before the game. McNeil was only 29 years-old.

You can imagine the massive booing and catcalling that took place from the fans. I don’t blame them in the least. This is sheer cop-hatred and disrespect for our police officers who risk their lives every day for us. The tribute was ruined as there was no moment of silence as intended. McNeil’s nephew said that his uncle “loved every minute” of his time and that “it was almost like he felt like a superhero” and that “he wanted to go out and save the city. He truly loved his job.” Now he’s gone and these players had the nerve to do this.


Denzel Millon, McNeil’s partner, took to Facebook to express his grief and loss:

my partner Marcus McNeil for two years, this isn’t real life, I thank you for all the memories we’ve accumulated. In the academy we stood next to each other in formation, in class I sat behind you, after graduation we was assigned to the 7th District. Worked hand in hand on the day watch together, then was moved to power watch as partners. Our latest assignment and current assignment was 7th District Task Force Detectives as partners.

I’m going to miss you Dud.

Stay Frosty. Watch over me MilkDud.

We’ll take it from here.

The “McMillon” Show. Forever1762.


Damn it… now I’m crying too. And I’m angry. I’ve had it with these despicably evil cop-haters.

The New Orleans Police Department is still investigating the murder of this officer. The suspect eventually surrendered and was arrested.

You can see below just how angry fans were over all this. They should be. Those players should be ashamed of themselves. In fact, they should be kicked off the team for their actions. If that team had any honor at all, that’s what they would do.

This was an African-American police officer, but that evidently means nothing to Black Lives Matter. He was a cop, so he’s the enemy. Black lives only really matter when it’s convenient for BLM. #BlueLivesMatter[5]

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