South Carolina Restaurant Will Not Air NFL Games Until the Kneeling Protests Stop

South Carolina Restaurant Will Not Air NFL Games Until the Kneeling Protests Stop

I don’t think the National Football League respects the magnitude of the situation they’ve created for themselves by not only allowing, but encouraging their players to kneel in opposition to the President of the United States.

Fans are unhappy with the NFL and are promising to boycott the rest of the season, burning their merch including team jerseys and canceling their subscriptions to NFL Season Ticket. They have no idea what they’ve started, but we the people are going to finish it.

You can’t disrespect our country and expect to still be showered with love and praise like you were before. That doesn’t fly in the United States.

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Just one example of patriots who have had it with the sports league is the restaurant in South Carolina that is refusing to air any football games in their establishment until the players stop kneeling during the National Anthem.

Palmetto Restaurant and Ale House in Greenville, SC has alerted their patrons that they will no longer be showing NFL football games in their business until the kneeling trend has faded. They issued a statement in which the owner said he would resume showing the games when all of the players begin showing proper respect for the national anthem.

They did take the time to applaud the Dallas Cowboys for kneeling before the anthem, but standing for the song with pride.

Congratulations to the Dallas Cowboys for getting it right!! Separating the protest from our National Anthem and the unveiling of our flag is the right way.

Posted by Palmetto Restaurant and Ale House on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

This business is simply echoing the sentiments in many American hearts this week. It’s hard to fathom someone showing such disrespect for a country that has afforded them so many fantastic opportunities and supplied them with wealth and fame.

Regardless of the way you feel about the President, this country is still the greatest on the planet and deserves respect. People run to us as a beacon of freedom with very little regard for our politicians or the President. They want the freedoms protected by our Constitution and they want their own slice of the American dream.

There are people with very legitimate grievances in the United States, but showing disrespect for our country and alienating half of the population is not the way to get them addressed. You can’t push people away from your message while simultaneously expecting them to sit and listen to what you have to say.

I’m happy to see people holding the National Football League’s feet to the fire and demanding they make changes or face a serious hit to their bottom line.

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