The NFL Encouraged ‘Kneelers’ Now Americans Repay With Empty Stadium Seats [VIDEO]

The NFL Encouraged ‘Kneelers’ Now Americans Repay With Empty Stadium Seats [VIDEO]

I would say by the looks of the empty seats at NFL games that they are in deep doo-doo. And they have earned it. By letting asshats like Colin Kaepernick sit and kneel during the National Anthem, they were just begging for this. Kaepernick says he does it to protest police brutality and racism. What the hell does that have to do with the National Anthem? It is disrespectful to America in general and to all those who have fought and died for her, as well as those who protect and serve her.

I know that millions of Americans love their football. It used to be a great way to forget all the crap we go through during the day to day hassle of our lives. But no more. Between kneeling football players and the uber-leftist politics of ESPN, it’s become a sickening experience, not an enjoyable sporting event. And their attendance tells the story. Many games show a ton of empty seats in the bleachers. The NFL is losing millions of dollars because they are honoring racists and communists over fans. It’s insane.

Football fans are now turning off the games and refusing to attend in droves. It started last year and is accelerating this year. Meanwhile, the NFL is blithely letting these radicals destroy the sport. Attendance isn’t just down or bad, it’s horrific. One tweet said this: “NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart on the attendance in LA & SF: “Any time we empty seats that something we want to address.” Focused on sellouts.” Ya think? I would have thought they would have addressed this last season. Silly me.

Sports Illustrated is reporting that in the last year, more players with the NFL have protested the National Anthem. In the third week of the preseason games, players in at least six games exhibited some form of protest during the anthem. They are destroying their own league. Patriotic fans are ticked… they just want to watch a game without the politics and anti-American statements. Is that too much to ask?

Actions have consequences and this here is a big one. The NFL will not survive much longer if they can’t fill seats and get eyeballs in front of their teams’ games. When you see this many empty seats, it means that fans do not care enough to pay for a ticket and watch their favorite teams play. It also means that the NFL is going bankrupt and fast. The NFL is privately owned and it is certainly free to do as it chooses, but it is not free from the consequences of those choices. Looks like the price of football and politics just got a lot higher for the NFL.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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