If You Thought Trump Nailed The NFL… Wait Until You Hear Judge Jeanine [VIDEO]

If You Thought Trump Nailed The NFL…  Wait Until You Hear Judge Jeanine [VIDEO]

If you’re looking for candy-coated, warm and fuzzy, politically correct punditry, Fox News’ Judge Jeanine is NOT your girl. If you’re looking for brutally honest, conservative, pro-American reporting, that is exactly what she provides.

You thought Trump was telling it like it is? This woman has absolutely no fear whatsoever. She will say whatever she wants, whenever she wants, however she wants and if you don’t like it, well tough.

She has recently set her sights on the NFL and their slew of boycotting players who refuse to stand for the National Anthem and she didn’t pull her punches.

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Roger Goodell was the victim of her ire and she tore him open and danced a victory jig on his pathetic carcass.

If you wanted to know where she stands on the NFL issue, well you’re about to find out.

“The biggest issue facing our country today is the tip-toeing and political correctness that has brought us to the brink of disaster in national security, politics and sports,” she said in her Opening Statement. “The question: Do we have the fortitude, courage and determination to stand up to those who threaten our values?”

She also called on kneeling millionaires to put their money where their knees are and donate their time and money to help out those who are less fortunate than they are, instead of using the National Anthem to virtue signal to other liberals who will pat them on the back. There is nothing more embarrassing than watching a rich man “kneel” for oppression.

Watch her video below:

But this appears to be a trend in the NFL. You’ll remember that they threatened to fine players for wearing cleats with September 11th memorials on them, indicating that their penchant for liberalism goes far beyond dedicated time to disrespect the National Anthem, but to prevent players from remembering a day in our history that brought us together as a country.

America isn’t perfect, because humans aren’t perfect. We get things wrong, we do things that we later wish we hadn’t and we make mistakes, but dammit, the United States of America is still the greatest country in the world. People come here to escape REAL oppression that is happening all over the world. If you were actually concerned about it, you’d be dedicating your lives to helping out, not playing football and getting paid millions of dollars to entertain crowds on the weekend.

So, don’t insult me by telling me that you’re kneeling to give a platform to those who don’t have one, because we both know that’s crap. These people get paid big bucks, party like rock stars and only care about “oppression” and the little guy when it’s time to stand for the National Anthem. It’s pathetic.

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