YES! HS Football Team Puts NFL Anthem Protesters To SHAME – Makes America Proud! [VIDEO]

YES! HS Football Team Puts NFL Anthem Protesters To SHAME – Makes America Proud! [VIDEO]

An Illinois high school football team is putting the NFL to shame. They had an awesome way of handling the National Anthem at their homecoming game. Mascoutah High School displayed true patriotism at their game. The first thing they did was raise an American flag by crane for everyone to see. Then as the boys huddled before the game, they were surrounded by a number of special guests that included police officers, military veterans and firefighters. After the pregame pep talk, the players marched out to the field hand-in-hand with the veterans and first responders.

When it was time for the National Anthem, every player stood in reverence and respect. Not one of them knelt. The best part of all this is it had nothing to do with the current political mess we are experiencing. This tribute to those who put themselves in the line-of-fire was discussed well before 204 NFL players took a knee last Sunday. That’s just how these kids roll… they are true patriots.

KMOV reported on the event:

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School leaders and the team discussed, weeks before the Jason Stockley verdict and long before athletes decided to take a knee, how to impact their community during homecoming.

“I think it is vital to strengthening relationships between police and community because you can’t just show up when a crime is being committed,” said Illinois State Trooper Calvin Dye, Jr.

The show of solidarity continued until all stood together during the band’s playing of the national anthem.

“We respect our first responders. We respect our military. This is a military town. I think it was planned a while back. It is just showing the relationship we have,” said school supporter Brian Uhl.

The coach of this wonderful team is Josh Lee. He clarified a bit more on what the reasoning was that was behind the players taking such a stand. “We make a point here with the kids about being a part of something bigger than themselves and this is a good platform. They just want to shed a positive light on people who do positive things in our community,” Lee said. This is what football should be… a unifying event that honors those who made it possible for us to be free and those who keep us safe. That’s a message everyone should be able to get behind.

Meanwhile, everyone will be watching the NFL tomorrow to see which teams stand and which ones will dare to kneel during the National Anthem. The NBA has already said all their players will stand. There has been such pressure on the NFL this week, I wouldn’t be surprised to see almost everyone stand. Then again, many of them don’t even really know that they are kneeling for communism, Black Lives Matter and radical, militant activists who are racists themselves. Time for the NFL to get a freaking clue.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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