Bannon On Celebrities: ‘Dumb as Ticks,’ Like ‘Pieces of Furniture’ – ‘So what we’re doing is exposing them’ [AUDIO]

Bannon On Celebrities: ‘Dumb as Ticks,’ Like ‘Pieces of Furniture’ – ‘So what we’re doing is exposing them’ [AUDIO]

Steve Bannon has made it extremely clear that he has an extremely low opinion of celebrities and especially those who attempt to engage in political discussions as if they understand the issues.

On Thursday night’s edition of Breitbart News Daily, Bannon weighed in on late-night television hosts, noting how the hosts are slowly upping their vicious anti-Trump rhetoric as a way to compete for liberal viewership.

A caller phoned in asking about the effect of entertainment on the American culture.

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“Andrew [Breitbart] always said, ‘Culture is up-river from politics,” he said. “Right now as you know, news is kind of everything, even Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert. To drive viewership, the way that Kimmel and Colbert are competing in late-night right now is to make it very political, very anti-Trump.”

That’s why Breitbart is working to expose hypocrisy in Hollywood.

“So what we’re doing is exposing them,” he added. “That’s one of the reasons Big Hollywood is on fire, because all we do is expose the hypocrisy of these morons in the entertainment industry.”

“By the way, you gotta understand something,” Bannon said. “These actors and actresses; they’re all dumb as ticks. And they’re lazy. They’re like pieces of furniture… That’s why movie attendance is down, people are tired of it. It’s why they’re not watching the National Football League, cutting the cord on ESPN. They’ve politicized everything. And you guys are voting with your feet, which I think is fantastic.”

Listed to the audio below:

Bannon also predicted that we’re going to see a rise in the number of celebrities running for the Presidency.

“You’re gonna have billionaire run,” he noted. “I’m not saying [Dwayne] The Rock [Johnson]’s gonna run, but I think a couple people like The Rock are gonna take a look… I think people like him, I’m not saying him, but I think there will be a number of celebrities that do take a look at this.”

I suspect that he might be right, unfortunately. We may see an Alyssa Milano or a Madonna run as the anti-Trump candidate. They won’t run on their own platform, they will run specifically against Trump. They won’t have any ideas, they won’t have any principles or merit, they simply want Trump to not be President anymore and they will be backed up by the Hollywood bubble and late-night television show hosts.

And something tells me that they might actually have a fighting chance.

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