JUST IN: Neil Gorsuch Sworn In [VIDEO]

JUST IN: Neil Gorsuch Sworn In [VIDEO]

Today, Neil Gorsuch was sworn in as a Supreme Court justice. Nancy Pelosi calls this the end of the world and other Liberal moonbats are mourning over losing their hopes of having an ideological justice in the last spot on the Supreme Court. Gorsuch is a straight up intellectual, who was sworn in today to replace Justice Scalia, another intellectual.

Gorsuch isn’t just intellectual, he is an honest intellectual. That means that he most likely won’t be ruling ideologically. Judge Gorsuch was caught up in the Trump hate campaign which is why he was so opposed. Democrat Senators felt they couldn’t vote for Gorsuch solely because of the politics of hatred surrounding President Trump. The 49 year-old former 10th Circuit Court of Appeals judge, was made official by taking the constitutional oath at the Supreme Court in private. Additionally, he took a judicial oath in public at the White House.

This former law clerk to Justice Anthony Kennedy, filled the vacancy created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. This Supreme Court slot has been open for more than a year as the result of partisan bickering over the empty slot.

Republicans refused to hold a hearing or vote on former President Barack Obama’s nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, Democrats sought to thwart President Trump’s pick, Gorsuch, via a filibuster.

Senate Republicans, acting as the majority, changed the rules of Congress’ upper chamber to lower the vote threshold required to confirm Gorsuch from 60 votes to 51 votes late last week. Gorsuch was confirmed on Friday, with three Democrats joining Republicans in support.

Senator Feinstein said that she didn’t vote for Gorsuch because he didn’t believe that the Constitution is a living document that evolves… THAT is why I am so grateful that he was sworn in today. A living Constitution is defined by ideology. THAT is why the Supreme Court has become so dangerous. Rather than defining the Constitution as the Founders intended, SCOTUS has taken to defining it based on popularity and politics. I’m hoping that God intervenes with more SCOTUS slots so that the Supreme Court can be returned back to Constitutional rulings that are closer to the Founders intent. Gorsuch will be seated on the court before it next begins hearing oral arguments April 17th. Here’s a great interview on O’Reilly about Gorsuch.

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