Father Whose Twins Were Killed In Syrian Chemical Attack, BACKS Trump, Begging For More Bombings! [VIDEO]

Father Whose Twins Were Killed In Syrian Chemical Attack, BACKS Trump, Begging For More Bombings! [VIDEO]

Imagine you are sleeping… you and your spouse and your beautiful little twins, a boy and a girl. You hear an explosion right next to your home and realize the military has just bombed you. You are confused and scared to death. You gather your spouse and children and pray that you will be okay. But you don’t realize that the explosion released Sarin gas. You rush out to help others and have no idea that your wife and children are dying a slow horrible death. Fate is cruel. This is what happened to 29 year-old Abdul Hamid Youssef in Syria this week. He lost his wife, Dalal al-Saha, of only two years, and their nine month-old twins Ahmad and Aya.

I wept as I read this and watched the video. I can’t even imagine the grief and anger this man is feeling and rightly so. He is begging President Trump to keep bombing Syria’s airfields. There are more than 20 others that Assad can use to launch attacks from. Abdul will never leave his country. It is his home and he will not be driven from it. As he buried his wife and his babies, he called for America to stop the butchery in Syria… to help them save themselves.

Lost: Abdul Hamid Youssef, 29, buried his wife, Dalal al-Saha and their nine month-old twins Ahmad and Aya (pictured).

From the Daily Mail:

A father whose baby twins and wife were killed in the Syria chemical attack supports Donald Trump’s missile strike.

Abdul Hamid Youssef, 29, buried his wife, Dalal al-Saha, and their nine month-old twins Ahmad and Aya after the attack on Khan Sheikhoun in northern Syria.

And after Trump ordered US airstrikes on Syria’s Shayrat Air Base where the planes believed to be responsible took off from, he told MailOnline: ‘The American attack against the [Assad military base] airport is a good step, but not enough, because the regime has many airports which help it to continue killing its people and destroying liberated cities.’

‘Now they have hit one airport. But the criminal Assad has more than 20 airports and this [bombing them] is the primary sensible thing that they can do.’

‘These operations have lifted our spirits and stopping them is frankly shocking. The suffering in Syria needs to stop as soon as possible.’

This young father who just lost everything he has in this world is voicing his support for President Trump. The left is condemning Trump, now saying that you can’t defend Syrians and then ban them from our country – that was Hillary Clinton. But the Syrians don’t want to leave their country and they are saying to Clinton and the leftists, “Where were you when Assad killed 1,400 of us this way while Obama was in office? Where were you last week as our babies and loved ones perished horrifically before our eyes?” Fair questions. We just took out part of one airbase, but much more will need to be done to stop this atrocity. Sanctions are a good step… but it’s not the solution to this. Removing Assad is the thing that must be done and then let the people put their country back together once again.

Abdul said that he hoped the UN and the international community would target the regime’s strategic positions and its chemical weapons stores. “They are enough to kill Syrian people and people in neighboring countries.” You see, Kerry and Obama lied. The stores of chemical weapons were never destroyed as the Russians and Assad claimed. We were fools to take their word as reality. Assad has killed 320,000 Syrians and 5 million have fled the country and yet there are those out there that put the blame on anyone but Assad and the Russians. Shame on you.

Aside from his wife and children, Assad has killed 40 members of Abdul’s extended family. Imagine going through that. While we play politics, Abdul buried his children in two small graves and said goodbye to his wife one last time. He described how he put a piece of cloth over his mouth to protect himself from the effects of the chemicals, as he saw two of his brothers die in the street. Then he realized what was happening, but it was too late. “I went out to help people, and I did not know where my family went,” he described in painful, slow words. “I saw my brother Yaser Ahmad Yousef with his son, Ammar. They were dead in the street. Foam was coming out of their mouths. I saw my second brother Abd al Kareem, I found him in front of the house in the same situation. I put a piece of cloth on my mouth and tried to help people but then I fainted in an isolated area, until I was taken to hospital.”

The former shopkeeper blamed foreign militias that have propped up Assad’s manpower for the ongoing violence in Syria. That would be the Iranians and Hezbollah. They are fighting for the Assad regime, alongside Iranian, Afghan and Iraqi militias who are seen by many Syrians as occupying forces. “Enough with the military groups that are helping Assad – this situation is coming from Russia, and the Iranian, Lebanese and Afghani militia helping Assad on our land. This regime is a criminal regime and also who support him like Russia and Iran and the Shi’ite militants. All of them are terrorists.”

This conflict started six years ago when one boy stood up for Western values in Syria. The conflict spread and Assad sent in his brutal thugs to quell the burgeoning uprising. No one deserves to die like this. It is beyond criminal and we are far from done in Syria. Pray for the Syrians.

Devastated: The father supports Donald Trump’s missile strike after he lost his twins in the attack.

Agony: Abdul was pictured cradling the bodies of his dead twins after they were killed in the chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun, in the rebel-held central province of Idlib, Syria.

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