Kindergarten BOMBED! 3 kids dead, 25 injured, by forces possibly linked to Syrian President

Kindergarten BOMBED! 3 kids dead, 25 injured, by forces possibly linked to Syrian President

Children are always the ones that pay the highest price in wartime and military conflicts. In Syria, Assad’s goons bombed a Kindergarten/nursery. At least four children were killed and approximately 25 others wounded. The pictures are haunting and heart wrenching. This happened in Harasta, near Damascus. I also don’t believe this was an accident.

The rebels who are fighting the Syrian Army and the Russians are desperate to stop the superior air power bombing them into oblivion. So, they have started using children’s balloons by the thousands. They are filled with hydrogen and packed with small explosives to bring down Russian jets over Aleppo. That is sheer desperation and I think only one balloon has had any success. It got caught in a Russian plane’s engine and the pilot had to make an emergency landing. No one was hurt with these makeshift weapons, but it pissed the Russians off and this was their response.


From The Mirror:

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At least four children are believed to have been killed after forces loyal to the Syrian regime reportedly bombed a children’s nursery.

Reports suggest a mortar shell smashed into the nursery in the city of Harasta, near Damascus.

Witnesses say four children have been killed with about 25 others injured.

Harrowing pictures from the scene show children covered in blood crying out in pain.

Others show children lying wounded in hospital beds.

It is believed forces loyal to the Syrian president were shelling neighbourhoods in Harasta.

However, during the attack the nursery appeared to have been hit. The incident happened at about 10am local time.

They have filmed children prepping the balloons and attaching metallic parts to confuse the Russian’s weapon’s systems. More than 8,000 balloons are said to have been deployed to bring down the planes behind air strikes which have killed thousands of residents in the divided city. People don’t seem to get what Assad and the Russians are doing is genocide… it’s mass murder and we are doing nothing to stop it.

The Russians know these balloons won’t work against their air power. But they are making a statement here and they don’t care that children are dying because of it. The rebels have been begging the US and other countries in the Middle East to provide fighters with weapons to counter the air strikes. Their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

A rebel group spokesman said that rebels had made the balloons themselves and connected them to small detonators. “We know they are basic but they are one of the improvised weapons the fighters are in order to defend against the Russian airplanes and the regime airplanes that are bombarding the civilians,” he said. “We know, the Russians know, the Iranians know, the regime knows and the international community knows that the only way we can fight their planes is if we have sophisticated anti-aircraft weapon.”

I doubt that any help will come. Obama has no intention of crossing the Iranians over this. Trump won’t cross the Russians and neither would Clinton. These people are fighting a losing battle. Their country is destroyed and many of them are dead. Imagine if that was your child, your home, your country… and then think of the Russians.




Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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