OH COME ON! Democrats Want To TAX Your Lawn!?

OH COME ON! Democrats Want To TAX Your Lawn!?

If it exists, you can rest assured that Democrats want to tax it.

Don’t think I’m serious? Well, let’s look at the state of Illinois, which is looking to tax “landscaping services.” Have the little neighbor boy mow your lawn and pull weeds? The government is going to be there with their hands out, expecting “their cut.”

I’ll just be there waiting to see if government can come up with a way to tax breathing.

Senate Bill 9 will levy a 6.25% tax on landscaping services including mowing, watering, raking, weeding, mulching, etc. If your way of teaching your child responsibility was to have them mow lawns during the summer, you might want to prepare to pay for it.

But apparently the bill itself didn’t go far enough for Democrat Senator Toi Hutchinson, who added her own amendment that ads taxes to services like “snow plowing, strip clubs, cable television, storage businesses, pest control, massages, private detectives, body piercing, dry cleaning services and amusement parks.”

Think that Dems aren’t going to add insult to injury? Think again! All existing taxes are going to be increased as well!

Per The Federalist Papers:

The bill raises the corporate tax rate to 7 percent and the personal income tax rate from 3.75 percent to 4.99 percent.

4.99% looks a lot better than 5%, I guess.

Of course, the people who are actually going to have to pay these ridiculous taxes are not in favor of being forced to do so. Go figure!

The Will County News reports that a poll found two-thirds of Illinoisans support a property tax freeze, 80 percent support spending cuts and more than half support only spending cuts – not raising taxes – as a way of balancing the state budget.

Gee, it’s almost as if people have had it with being taxed to the ends of the earth as a way of giving politicians more money to spend on things OTHER than what they promised.

Who would have thought?

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