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by Sharon Soon | September 8, 2009 10:16 pm

Colonel Rash, me and Jay

Colonel Rash, me and Jay

I hope everyone enjoyed the Labor Day weekend. It was particularly nice to see so many patriots and conservatives coming together across the country to recognize on founding principles at events like one in my homestate, the Morristown Tea Party. It almost looks as though there’s a revolution beginning in this country, and it’s beginning with conservatives. What a welcome change from the liberal overtaking we’ve seen over the past few months and years.

Fellow blogger Colonel Manly Rash [1]not only did a nice job covering the event, but gave an inspiring closing speech decked out in the eye-catching colonial attire for which he’s become very well known within conservative circles.

Here’s an excerpt of the Colonel’s article[2]:

6,000 of these outstanding Americans arose to support the hallowed cause of Liberty in Morristown, NJ on a picture-perfect late summer day in early September. I was there among them, strolling through the great throng, savoring the sweet fragrance of freedom that can only arise from a garden that blooms with the love of country. The grass under our feet was entirely natural: no astroturf here.

It was my singular pleasure to stand among their ranks and my singular honor to address them at the request of the selfless patriots of the Morristown Tea Party who organized this spectacular event.

I arrived early (as I always do in order to find a decent parking spot). It was only 9:45 and already people were beginning to flock to the Green – a huge park in the center of Morristown. There I saw a crew of workmen busily erecting a stage from which the speakers would address the crowd while the organizers scurried to and fro as they made last minute changes to what was obviously a very meticulously planned event. The air seemed charged with electricity and vibrant with anticipation. I could sense this was going to be a glorious day (I should have that kind of intuition with lottery numbers).

You heard right — thousands on the Morristown Green, thousands gathered to hear the words of the Colonel, conservative radio talk show host Steve Malzberg, editor/journalist/author Jack Cashill, Fox Financial News commentator Charles Payne, and conservative columnist Tom Adkins.

Check out Steve Malzberg’s speech here[3], or visit the Colonel’s blog [4]for full coverage.

Six thousand people. The Morristown tea party began earlier this year as part of a much greater national movement. Already, it’s held three tea parties over the past six months, each bringing out thousands of supporters — and, of course, plenty of anti-American protesters. This weekend would be their biggest event thus far.

With conservatives coming together in places all over the country — and making noise — it’s going to be more and more difficult for the media and the anti-freedom, anti-American Obama administration to brush us off, lie to us, and silence our voices. So let the revolution begin.

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