ALERT: FBI Now Recommending You Cover the Webcams on Your Laptops and PCs [VIDEO]

ALERT:  FBI Now Recommending You Cover the Webcams on Your Laptops and PCs [VIDEO]


The FBI is worried that hackers could be spying on Americans — so they’re recommending that everyone take an easy security precaution and cover up the webcams on their computers. If the webcam is open, then hackers can break into your computer and use the webcam to spy on everything the user is doing. Even Facebook executive Mark Zuckerberg was spotted with the webcam on his Macbook Pro covered earlier this year.

FBI Director James Comey is backing up the idea, saying it is one of the most “sensible” things people can do. If a hacker can get access to your webcam, they can not only watch the things taking place around the computer, they can also record it. That information can then be used for any number of things, from blackmail to breaking into other security systems.


It really is a common-sense precaution to take and it is incredibly easy as well. All you have to do is put a little tape over the camera and the problem is solved. And it isn’t paranoia, either — this is actually something that hackers do. They also are able to do the same thing with video baby monitors. (Remember all those creepy stories in the news about parents hearing strange people talking to their babies?)

So don’t take a needless risk. Get some tape, cover your webcam and make sure a hacker doesn’t take advantage of you next.

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