If You Drop Your Cell Phone in Water, Don’t Grab the Rice. Use THIS Instead!

by Cassy Fiano | July 4, 2016 8:55 pm

It’s one of the worst things that can happen to your cell phone: it gets dropped into some water. But luckily, scientists have figured out that this is the best thing to use to save it.

cell phone[1]

From the Daily Mail:

There’s nothing worse than the moment your phone slips out of your back pocket into the toilet.

And whilst it’s long been believed that putting the drenched device in a bowl of rice will miraculously bring it back to life, experts have discovered what they claim to be a much more effective method.

According to Gazelle, who ran some rigorous tests, using cat litter is the best way to recover a phone that’s been submerged in water.

The experts specifically recommend crystal kitty litter as the saviour of choice for a drenched handset.

On Amazon, the product’s description reads: ‘These super-absorbent crystals trap moisture on contact and when compared with regular clay cat litter.’

The experts say you should try your best to shake the water off the handset as soon as you’ve recovered it. Next, you should air-dry it before leaving it in a bag of kitty litter for as long as possible.

They say that three days is the ideal amount of time to leave it in there and whilst you may miss Snapchat, it’s a far better (and cheaper) option that having to buy a new phone.

Who would have ever thought that kitty litter is the best thing to dry out a cell phone? Cat lovers everywhere rejoice! Everyone else… well, now you have a reason to buy some!

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