BOOM! Ted Cruz Nails NBC On The Timing Of The Release Of The Trump Video

BOOM! Ted Cruz Nails NBC On The Timing Of The Release Of The Trump Video

Ted Cruz is asking a very astute, obvious question of NBC… why the heck did you wait eleven years to release that tape on Trump? Given it is sleazy and makes Trump look horrible… that was the point. And they have much more coming, so it is obvious the media has been collecting ammo against Trump for years just for such an occasion like this one. It’s all part of a plan to ensure Hillary Clinton becomes president no matter what. And the GOP fell for it hook, line and sinker. Instead of vetting their chosen candidate and going with someone who had a clean past, they went with the one guy with the most muck to wallow in. Great job guys!

Obviously, NBC and the Washington Post are in this together. The only reason WaPo beat NBC to it was because attorneys were being consulted. CNN was quick to round up and release 20 years of audio tapes between Donald Trump and Howard Stern. This deflects from WikiLeaks releasing damning emails involving Hillary Clinton. They also timed it to make sure (probably) that the GOP has no chance to replace their candidate. As pointed out here, the question is pretty much rhetorical. But it shows you what lengths Clinton has gone to in order to set the stage for a win in November.


From Young Conservatives:

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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz wants to know why the Washington Post released the tape of Donald Trump talking crudely about women so close to election day.

Why not do it sooner?

Why sit on the leak for so long?


Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Were they ordered by the Clinton camp to not make the audio public?

That last question was unfortunately rhetorical – probably.


I see Hillary’s fingerprints all over these moves. You can take that one to the bank… I know Clinton has. Cruz is pointing out the obvious, that the media is in the tank for Clinton. They have manipulated Trump and the GOP into a position where they have to defend themselves against the indefensible. It’s evil in its brilliance.

Following Friday’s release of the audio, the network claimed that it did not have the tapes of “The Apprentice” and that the tapes are instead owned by Mark Burnett, who produced the show and is friendly with Trump. I find that hard to believe unless Trump sabotaged himself. Cruz is referring to the sleaze video, not tapes of “The Apprentice” in his tweet. Those are still coming.

The only way to fight back now is to take off the gloves and get extremely brutal. Even that might not work, but it’s the only tactic left. Unless of course they try to go with someone else. At this late hour, that’s just not feasible. The debate tonight will be very interesting. I think Trump’s supporters are hoping he’ll pick himself up off the mat and knock Clinton down for the count. Americans love an underdog.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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