Cruz Beats Trump Again and Sweeps Delegates This Weekend In Most Contests

Cruz Beats Trump Again and Sweeps Delegates This Weekend In Most Contests

The media may be in the tank for Donald Trump and they may have proclaimed him the presumptive nominee… but reality is somewhat different. Cruz swept Virginia and Arizona, securing delegates for a second round of voting at the Republican Convention. He’s out-organized and out-played Trump using the rules all the way and at every step. Everything Cruz has done with delegates is aboveboard, yet Trump calls it stealing. Which is funny because he’s now trying to do the exact same thing to Cruz. Hypocritical much? Theoretically, Trump could still reach the magical 1237 number, but it is highly unlikely. If Cruz wins Indiana, a contested convention is a certainty. There is at least one poll now showing Cruz leading Trump in the Hoosier state by 16 points. Then comes California where they are neck and neck. Buckle up, it will be a wild ride.

Ted Cruz

From Bloomberg:

Even as his campaign struggles for survival, Senator Ted Cruz dominated weekend delegate selection contests that he and other Republicans hope could block Donald Trump from winning the party’s nomination at their national convention.

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From Virginia in the east to Arizona in the west, the Texan nearly ran the tables at state party conventions where delegates were picked to attend the July meeting in Cleveland. Trump, meanwhile, said the nominating race is already “over.”

Trump has won the most state primaries, including a sweep of five northeastern states on April 26, and has gained over 10 million votes from primary and caucus voters so far, to Cruz’s 6.9 million. Yet Cruz’s campaign has repeatedly shown superior organization and understanding when it comes to the arcane delegate-selection process and his quest to secure people loyal to him at a possible contested convention.

“It is going to be a contested convention,” Cruz said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” broadcast. “I believe at the convention, the highest total Trump gets, it will be the first ballot and that we are seeing the party unite behind our campaign.”

Trump is claiming it’s over and Manafort says they are working on unifying the party. Let me translate… they are pulling in the support of the worst of the worst of the RINOs and the establishment players. They are all lining up with Trump suddenly. There is no unifying constitutional conservatives with Trump and his version of the party. That’s done. If Trump gets the nomination, the party is through and a third party will rise. Trump and his supporters are furious that Cruz has secured all 28 delegates in Arizona for a second round of ballot voting. Too freaking bad. State Treasurer Jeff DeWit, who chairs Trump’s Arizona campaign, told reporters that a challenge to the delegate selection process is possible after the party rejected re-vote calls. “The Trump campaign is very unhappy with the results,” DeWit told the AP and others. “We don’t feel that this was a fair process. The Trump button got checked more than any other, so why do we have so few delegates?” Cruz’s campaign pushed back by saying there was no malfeasance involved and that the delegate victories were simply a matter of adding their supporters with those who don’t want Trump. In Virginia, Cruz supporters won 10 of 13 delegate slots selected at a state convention, the Washington Post reported. Cruz is not done by any means and we are on our way to a contested convention where I believe Trump could very well lose. Let’s dance.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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